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The Flash is in 'Crisis' in latest pics from penultimate Infinite Earths episode

By Jacob Oller
Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 4 - 1

The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths adaptation — taking the epic DC comic event and applying it to one of the Arrowverse’s patented crossover extravaganzas — has begun to tease its penultimate hour. With seven folks left in the known multiverse (six good guys and Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor), the Vanishing Point is already a lonely place. But new photos from the upcoming episode of Arrow, which functions as part four in the five-part series, show that it’s always possible to go downhill in the Arrowverse.

Specifically, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) seems to be the one in danger when he — according to the official synopsis and a desperate-looking photo seen below — disappears. Fans of the comic should know that the Flash's fate isn't the happiest, but the TV adaptation has already changed so much that perhaps Barry will come out OK in the end.

Take a look:

There’s a lot going on in those photos, right? The upcoming episode, directed by Glen Winter and written by original Crisis comic scribe Marv Wolfman alongside Marc Guggenheim, will focus not only on what happened to the Flash, but on what happened to Arrow’s hero. Oliver (Stephen Amell) is back ... but not how fans remember him. While Amell doesn’t appear in the teaser photos as Spectre, the new mantle he assumed in Purgatory after (oops) he died, it does show off another look at the Anti-Monitor (LaMonica Garrett), who will reveal his backstory in the episode alongside that of his moral opposite, the Monitor (Garrett).

If that wasn’t enough for fans to sink their teeth into, there’s also all the technological machinations of Luthor and Ryan Choi (Osric Chau). Whatever they’re working on needs to bring back at least ONE universe. Not too much to ask, right? If they can pull it off, they’ll also need to defend it, as some of the final photos released show the seven surviving Paragons (the Flash included) readying themselves for battle.

Crisis on Infinite Earths answers all of fans’ questions when it airs its back-to-back fourth and fifth segments (the latter manifesting as a Legends of Tomorrow episode) on Jan. 14.