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The CW's Flash pulling out one of its biggest twists - and returns - yet for landmark 150th episode

By Nivea Serrao

Looks like The Flash is pulling out all the stops for its 150th episode later this season — as the hit Arrowverse super-series will be bringing back a fan favorite character that many fans probably didn't expect to see again. Ever.

According to TV Line, the CW show will be flash-ing both forwards and backwards during the milestone episode as Jessica Parker Kennedy once again reprises her role as Nora West-Allen (AKA "XS") on the popular superhero series, and reunites her with her parents.

Fans last saw the daughter of Barry and Iris West-Allen back in Season 5 (though she's been mentioned and reference a few times since then), when she arrived from the future to help Team Flash take on Eobard Thawne. However, when she and her father zoom into the future to help battle the villain in the season finale, she started to fade away.

Eventually, they realised the destruction of big bad Cicada's dagger (which had been an artifact still around in Nora's future) had resulted in a new timeline, with the one Nora was from no longer in existence, causing her to be erased as well. Nora ultimately chose not to run into the Negative Speed Force and save her own life, wanting to avoid becoming more like Thawne. 

Barry Allen and Nora West-Allen

While it's not clear exactly how Nora will be returning to the series (the show has often dealt with alt-futures and timelines, so it's not unthinkable for them to find a route here) — TV Line notes she's confirmed to be back for a few episodes. And don't forget, she won't be the only West-Allen kid making an appearance later this season as Barry and Iris' son Bart will also be arriving from the future. He will be played by Jordan Fisher

Per the character's description, he will still be the fastest teenager on the planet, just like he is in the comics, which will no doubt cause Barry and Iris some trouble. as they also deal with his Impulse-ive behavior on top of everything else plaguing Central City. 

The Flash airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/CT. The 150th episode will be the 17th one of this seventh season. 

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