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Lost meets Westworld meets Cabin in the Woods in first trailer for Netflix's The I-Land

By Josh Weiss
The I-Land

Kick back, sip a piña colada, soak up some sun, and have the most frightening time of your life! Today, Netflix dropped the first trailer for The I-Land, a mysterious miniseries coming to the streaming platform next month.

The teaser begins like an advertisement for Fyre Festival — concerts! pigs! crystal clear beaches!—before showing its true genre colors, which make it look like an intriguing mixture of Lost, Westworld, and The Cabin in the Woods. It's a place where you can truly indulge your most hedonistic pleasures (hence the emphasis on "I"), but the tagline is less than reassuring: "Once you arrive, you'll never leave."

We're also given the assurance that everyone is invited to the I-Land for a specific reason, and things get even creepier when it's revealed that every square inch of the seemingly peaceful tropical getaway is monitored by two dudes in a shady security room, Truman Show-style. Just what in the heck is going on here and why? We'll just have to wait and see, but admit it, you're already hooked, aren't you?

Feast your eyes on the trailer below:

Conceived by Anthony Salter, the miniseries co-stars Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez, Alex Pettyfer, Kyle Schmid, Gilles Geary, and Clara Wong. The central plot revolves around 10 individuals who wake up on the water-locked landmass with no clue as to who they are or how they arrived there. As they work together to get back home, "they soon discover this world is not as it seems. Faced with the I-Land’s extreme psychological and physical challenges, they must rise to their better selves — or die as their worst ones," reads Netflix's official description of the program.

In addition to all the other similar properties we mentioned above, you can now add Lord of the Flies to the mix.

The I-Land will be ready for victims ... we mean tourists, when it premieres on Netflix Thursday, Sept. 12.