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First teaser for Kingsman prequel takes us back to the secret start

By Josh Weiss
The King's Man

We've got San Diego Comic-Con later in the week, but it looks like 20th Century Fox and Disney just couldn't wait to unveil a major genre teaser in the form of the first trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman prequel movie, The King's Man.

Heavily narrated by Ralph Fiennes (who plays the real-world character of T. E. Lawrence, aka "Lawrence of Arabia"), the first footage for the film informs us that the Kingsman didn't always start out as a noble clandestine organization meant to protect the world. At first, they were thieves and ruffians, who eventually realized that they had a higher purpose in life.

Lawrence, along with Neil Kenlock (Djimon Hounsou playing another individual who actually lived in our world), are seen inducting Conrad (Harris Dickinson — perhaps playing Eggsy's grandfather?) into the secret society, teaching him that real power is not found in running off to war, but in knowing thine enemy.

Check out the teaser below:

The official synopsis for the feature, released in June, talks about a global conflict (the teaser seems to indicate that it's WWI) plotted by the world's most nefarious criminal and tyrant masterminds (one of whom looks to be Rasputin). With millions of lives at stake, one man must race against time to stop them. Thankfully, he'll have a number of agents and cool gadgets behind him.

In addition to Fiennes, Hounsou, and Dickinson, the movie features an all-star supporting cast of: Gemma Arterton, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Goode, Charles Dance, Stanley Tucci, Daniel Brühl, Tom Hollander, and Rhys Ifans.

Here's the first teaser poster as well:

The King's Man poster

The King's Man hits theaters on February 14, 2020. It will be the first entry in the spy-fi series to be released by Disney, which purchased Fox's entertainment IPs in March.