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SYFY WIRE The Magicians

The Magicians conjures up Season 5 renewal at SYFY ahead of Season 4 premiere

By Josh Weiss

The Magicians is returning for a fifth season on SYFY, the network announced today. 

"The Magicians raised the bar at SYFY and has gained momentum season after season, attracting a new audience to the channel. We are proud of this series as it continues to break the boundaries of storytelling,” Bill McGoldrick, President, Scripted Content, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, said in a statement.

Executive producer Henry Alonso Myers will showrun Season 5 alongside current showrunners John McNamara and Sera Gamble.

“We couldn’t be happier or more excited to conjure another year of magic and all it entails — love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, sex, foul language, drugs, battling gods, monsters, and the most dangerous enemies of all: other human beings," said McNamara and Gamble — who are also producers — in a joint statement. "We have the best writers, producers, directors, cast, and crew in the charted multiverse. Here’s how strongly we believe this: Anyone who tries to poach a single one of them will be cursed. And we have the voodoo dolls to do it."

The show is based on Lev Grossman's book series of the same name. To date, three novels have been published: The MagiciansThe Magician King, and The Magician's Land. Quentin Coldwater (played by Jason Ralph on the show) is the main protagonist, a grad student who is accepted into a school for magic, where he learns that the fantasies he read about as a kid are actually very real and very deadly.

"Having been a fan of Lev’s books since before meeting with John and Sera, the opportunity to bring his world to life has been like a dream come true," Myers said. "It’s rare in this business to find a combination of great material, great creative partners, and a phenomenal production team like ours. I’m not sure which particular dark magic landed me here, but I’ll be sure to keep doing all of it in secret, just in case.”

Season 4 premieres Jan. 23 on SYFY.