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The Magicians is back tonight, so cast a spell on the Fillory live vlog for teases

By Beth Johnson

Hey, Fillorians! Season 5 of The Magicians begins tonight, at 10 p.m. ET / 9 CT, on SYFY.

What’s new in the worlds of Fillory and Earth? Well, it looks like quite a lot, according to the latest trailer for the show. And fans recently got a lot of incredibly unique insights from Fen, who somehow has three bars of service in Fillory and did a bit of vlogging in a series she called “FEN! Live from Fillory.” Some highlights:

A “travel segment” with Penny that he is very much NOT into. Fun fact: Penny says traveling burns a lot of calories. Maybe that’s how he keeps so fit? Also, Penny does not want to be there and leaves as soon as possible.

Fen cleans out her closet with assistance from Dean Fogg. It’s very Kondo-esque. And no surprise, Fen wants to keep her knives. She notes, about one knife in particular: “This knife ... uh, the first time I stabbed a child. I was also a child.” Brutality mixed with innocence = Fen.

Fen refers to her fans as a “Fendom.” She talks fashion with Margo. Or tries to. Margo is not having it. Though Fen does manage to tell Margo she loves her — more than once — which is pretty great.

And to close things out, Fen has a Hot Topics-esque roundtable with Kady, Julia, and Alice that starts off a bit rocky before the women open up. Especially chatty is Alice, who goes on at length about her love of unicorns and wants to know where to find them in Fillory. But does she get answers? Of course not. 

Learn more about what’s happening with Fen — and everyone else — during tonight’s season premiere. 

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