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The Marvels: Brie Larson praises director Nia DaCosta, teases 'juicy things' to come

By Vanessa Armstrong
Captain Marvel

Marvel has always kept details of their upcoming movies as secret as possible, but that doesn’t stop reporters from asking MCU actors in pretty much every interview what fans can expect to see in future films. Brie Larson, who plays the MCU's Captain Marvel, got asked as much during a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show.

And while Larson didn’t share any specifics, she did share her excitement about working with director Nia DaCosta on The Marvels, and tip-toed her way around a tease of what fans will experience when the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel comes out in November 2022.

Check out the conversation below:

When Cagle asked the obligatory question about what's happening with Captain Marvel, Larson was cagey, but did promise this: “So much going on... a lot of really juicy things happening that I cannot say a word about, but boy oh boy is it good. And you're going to be very excited about it.”

Larson went on to praise DaCosta about what the Candyman director is bringing to The Marvels. “She's amazing,” Larson said. “She's so awesome. And cool and clear and... and just the thing that I loved about her too, is she gave the best pitch. That’s the thing that I love about it, is she just came in, was ready, had such an incredible take on this story and on this film. And I'm so happy that she's guiding this. I'm thrilled.”

In addition to Larson playing Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), The Marvels stars Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau and Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan. The movie will bring Danvers and Khan together, and presumably will take place after the Disney+ show, Ms. Marvel, which stars Vellani and is expected to air sometime in 2021.   

One can't help but wonder what Larson is thinking of when she mentions “a lot of juicy things happening.” Sadly, any specifics at this point are pure speculation. We’ll find out soon enough, however, when The Marvels premieres in theaters Nov. 11, 2022.