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Hello, Eddie! Original cast member of 'The Munsters' returning for Rob Zombie reboot

Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster in the TV show, is back as the Tin Can Man.

By Josh Weiss
Butch Patrick The Munsters GETTY

Rob Zombie's upcoming reboot of The Munsters just got another serious injection of nostalgia with the addition of Butch Patrick. Known for playing wolf-boy Eddie Munster in the original television series, the actor will appear in the new film as the Tin Can Man. The mechanical automaton cropped up in a 1964 episode (aptly-named "Tin Can Man"), where he's constructed by Eddie and Grandpa in an effort to prevent the former from getting expelled.

Zombie broke the news of Patrick's casting on Instagram Wednesday. "I am thrilled to have another original Munster in my new film," he wrote in the caption. "Get ready for some robot fun!" Pat Priest — who played the second iteration of Marilyn Munster (the only "normal" member of the family) — was the first original cast member to board the project last month, though her character continues to remain a mystery. Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck co-star as the other members of the Munster clan: Herman, Lily, and Grandpa. The "Mistress of the Dark," Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) rounds out the main ensemble as a real estate agent named Barbara Carr.

Jorge Garcia, Richard Brake, Catherine Schell, and Sylvester McCoy have also been cast in undisclosed roles.

"I wanted to cast people that had worked together a lot," Zombie told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. "I couldn't risk getting on set in Budapest [where the movie was filmed] and going, 'My leads aren't getting along, they have no chemistry.' So that's why I chose the cast I chose. Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie and Daniel Roebuck, they work together a lot and I knew they would just fall right into it."

The filmmaker promised that his interpretation of the classic property would be "100 percent in the spirit of the show," even if he couldn't shoot it in black and white. 

"I knew that if I went in and demanded 'This movie's going to be in black and white or forget it!' we would not be talking about the Munsters right now, because it would have never happened. I guaran-f—ing-tee it," he explained. "But what I did do is I made the colors sort of hyper-real. I noticed when the actors were in their makeup and they were just walking around, getting lunch or whatever, they looked like cartoon characters come to life. They were just so insanely colorful. I was like, I have to light the movie in the same fashion. It really seemed at all times like a live action cartoon, which was really exciting."

The Munsters is expected to hit the big screen this fall by way of Universal Pictures. Click here to watch the first teaser.

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