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WIRE Buzz: The Other Lamb trailer; Cirque du Soleil & Disney's Drawn to Life; The Brides expands cast

By Jacob Oller
The Other Lamb hed

Nothing like a horrific sex cult to start the day, which is how The Other Lamb’s first trailer bursts onto the scene. Starring Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones, The Haunting of Hill House) as the seductive, sleazy leader Shepherd and Raffey Cassidy (The Killing of a Sacred Deer) as the teenaged Selah who’s lived in the cult her entire life, The Other Lamb is part bloody coming-of-age nightmare and part twisty brainwashing thriller.

From Polish director Małgorzata Szumowska and writer C.S. McMullen, the upcoming IFC release’s first trailer is already ramping up the terror as Selah becomes more and more disillusioned with her isolated, sheltered life.

Take a look:

Stabbing/crushing people seems like a natural course of action when your entire life has been spent, along with your sisterwives/mothers, in strange subservience to one man in the middle of the woods. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year to positive reviews, which praised the beautiful imagery and haunting, painful depictions of cult life. 

The Other Lamb hits theaters and VOD on April 3.

Next, fans can watch a more lighthearted video — this time melding the timeless animation of Disney with the bonkers real-world antics of Cirque du Soleil. The two cross over in “Drawn to Life,” a collaboration coming to Walt Disney World later this spring highlighting Disney classics on stage. Now the show has offered up a video sneak peek behind the scenes at the story — and performances — that will make up the spectacle.

Check it out:

Basically, it’s like that Looney Tunes short “Duck Amuck” where an animator’s creation springs to life from their pen. This time, however, it’s Pinocchio, Donald Duck, Tarzan, Peter Pan, and Goofy ambulating through these acrobats’ antics — all scored to Edvard Grieg's classic Suite No. 1, Op. 46 - I. Morning Mood.

“Drawn to Life” will run from March 20 to Sept. 30.

Finally, an upcoming ABC pilot all about Dracula’s brides has rounded out its cast (but not its fangs). Only a day after it was reported that Gina Torres would lead The Brides as the leader of the vampire’s matrimonial pack, Riverdale writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and director Maggie Kiley’s sexy, soapy potential series has announced another bride to accompany her in all things dark and immortal.

TVLine reports that Katherine Reis (Claws) will play the bloodsucker’s youngest bride, Lily Stevens. She’s an aspiring singer who, in true soap fashion, is already entangled with someone else. This time, it’s a reporter that proves more of a threat to her sister-bride happiness than her past in Jack the Ripper’s London.

The cast is also adding the bride-adjacent character of model Justine Strang (I Am Not Okay With This’ Sophia Tatum) who is linked to Dracula in her own right before running into his as-yet-uncast middle bride (and modeling agent) Renée Pélagie. Torres’ character has complications of her own, with real estate mogul Roland Grant (Chris Mason) joining the roster to throw various wrenches into the world of Dracula and, presumably, his various castles. Or condos, since The Brides is a contemporary update to the tale.

There’s no timeline yet for the ABC pilot.