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First trailer for new horror film 'The Seventh Day' is basically 'Training Day' with exorcists

By Matthew Jackson
The Seventh Day

Exorcism films have been a time-honored part of horror cinema for decades, but that doesn't mean filmmakers have run out of room to put their own spin on stories of priests rolling up their sleeves and doing battle with representatives of Hell itself. The Seventh Day, the new feature from writer/director Justin P. Lange (The Dark) is the latest film to come along and offer a fresh perspective on the subgenre, taking the time honored Old Priest/Young Priest dynamic and giving it a new energy. 

The Seventh Day stars Vadhir Derbez as Father Daniel, a priest new to the field of exorcism who's assigned to team up with Father Peter (Guy Pearce), who's described as "the best exorcist there is." As the two holy men get to know one another, Father Peter makes it very clear that he's good at what he does because he's willing to run toward evil, not away from it, and because he knows that exorcism is about far more than memorizing prayers. It's dirty, scary, volatile work, and the job proves him right when the two priests encounter something unlike anything they've seen before: A young boy, fresh off a mass murder, full of the most powerful possession Father Peter has ever seen. 

Check out the trailer below:

Sure, pairing a rookie priest up with an experienced exorcist isn't necessarily a new invention, nor is placing a creepy kid at the center of the action, but there's a spooky Training Day vibe running through the trailer for The Seventh Day, buoyed by Pearce's undeniable charisma. Throw in a supporting cast that includes heavy hitters like Keith David and Stephen Lang and you've got a religious horror experience that's hard to pass up. 

The Seventh Day closed a U.S. distribution rights deal with Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment last month, and it'll be headed to our screens in a matter of weeks. The film is set to hit select theaters and on-demand services March 26. Check out some production stills and key art in the gallery below...