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The Story Behind Bob Odenkirk's Hilarious Halloween Kills Cameo

The Better Call Saul star makes an unexpected appearance in the 2021 slasher. 

By James Grebey

Michael Myers, the masked killer from the Halloween franchise, has murdered a lot of people over the years. But chances are you know one of his victims, even if you didn’t recognize him. A new book about the making of the recent Halloween trilogy of films (now available from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) reveals that 2021’s Halloween Kills featured a picture of a young Bob Odenkirk.

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk's momentary cameo in Halloween Kills

Odenkirk, star of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, makes an unexpected cameo appearance thanks to an old photograph of himself from his high school days in the ‘70s. In the film, a TV newscast is talking about Michael’s original Halloween rampage, mentioning that two teenagers, Lynda Van Der Klok and Bob Simms, were among his victims. However, while filmmaker David Gordon Green had access to a picture of Lynda actress P. J. Soles, there wasn’t a good era-appropriate picture of Bob actor, John Michael Graham.

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So, Green used Google to look for pictures of high school boys from the ‘70s that looked like they might work, and he found one that would. By chance, the picture was of famous celebrity comedian and actor Bob Odenkirk. 

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody (2021)

Green then had to reach out to Odenkirk’s manager to get permission to use the image of a somewhat nerdy-looking teenage Odenkirk in the movie.

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"I've never met him, but I think that's got to be the weirdest phone call,” Green said, according to Abbie Bernstein's new book Halloween: The Official Making of Halloween, Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends. “'Bob, we want to use your photo on a news broadcast from high school.'"

Odenkirk gave the okay, and that’s why the star of Nobody can now count himself among Michael Myers’ victims. (It helps that Odenkirk’s first name is Bob, just like poor Bob Simms, whom Michael stabbed with a big knife and pinned to the wall like some sort of horrible human butterfly display. RIP.)

David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy is now available from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.