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James Gunn clarifies Suicide Squad production schedule, Yondu's fate in Q&A

By Jacob Oller
Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016)

James Gunn, the writer/director who’s been able to do the unthinkable — hop between comic giants Marvel and DC, then back again — has always been accessible on social media. In fact, this social media presence was one of the things that got him in trouble in the past. But after that brief kerfuffle died down, Gunn was back to business, using his platform to answer fans’ burning questions about his future projects — like his reimagined version of The Suicide Squad and his upcoming entry into his Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Gunn is currently shooting the former, which he committed to after Marvel gave him the boot, before he returns to the MCU (which eventually brought him back into the fold). And hey, no hard feelings either way, as Gunn seeks to emulate the companies whose rivalry has only been good-natured in his eyes:

But even in the midst of production, the filmmaker had time for a Q&A. Most notably, Gunn gave fans an update on how far along The Suicide Squad was in its filming:

Yep, just under a month to go in production — a little late for any major changes. However, he doesn’t come down one way or another on whether Deathstroke made it into the film. Just coy enough to keep fans hoping. But with the principal filming almost done, there’s lots of time for reshoots and post-production, which means that plenty of effectwork could be added before the film’s release.

Gunn also returned to a much-loved character from his Marvel run: Yondu. When a fan asked if there was a way to bring the crusty blue space pirate back from the dead, Gunn declined:

After making a fatherly sacrifice in GotG Vol. 2, Yondu’s emotional impact on the franchise as a whole and Star-Lord in particular seems too potent to be undone. “Unless we’re talking about some sort of prequel or flashback,” Gunn writes, “I believe this would nullify Yondu’s sacrifice.” Fans shouldn’t hope to see the gruff favorite return in Vol. 3 unless it’s a vision from Peter’s past.

And what would a Gunn Q&A session be without an off-the-wall answer about the beloved tree alien Groot? Gunn, asked about the Vin Diesel-voiced being of few words, revealed that the character was partially inspired by his own pet:

Weird, but cute. How else do you talk about Groot?

Gunn’s next film, The Suicide Squad, is set for a August 6, 2021 debut.