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Trailer for Peacock's 'The Undeclared War' teases Simon Pegg fighting cyber battles of the future

The Peacock original series arrives Aug. 18.

By Matthew Jackson
The Undeclared War

How do you fight a war almost no one can see, and more importantly, how do you win it? That's a key question posed by the upcoming Peacock original series The Undeclared War, and now the show's first trailer is here to set the stakes. 

Created by BAFTA-winner Peter Kosminsky (Wolf Hall) after years of research into cyber warfare, the series follows a group of cyber security analysts in the United Kingdom's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) as they realize they've been thrust onto the front lines of a secret war. Set in 2024, the series begins when a routine test of internet systems goes wrong, and a GCHQ intern (Hannah Khalique-Brown) discovers that the problem is more than a simple mistake. It seems that Russian cyber agents have launched an all-out attack in the midst of an election year, setting the stage for catastrophe. But as another GCHQ analyst (Simon Pegg) warns, the more they push back against the Russian assault, the more they run the risk of a global war that's about more than what's happening online. 

Check out the trailer for the series below:

Here's how Kosminsky describes the series, not just in terms of the story, but in terms of his larger goals with regards to raising public awareness of a key aspect of our collective future. 

The Undeclared War has been many years in the making," he said in a statement. "It imagines how the next few years might play out in the domain of cyber warfare – a battle unseen by the public but with potentially devastating consequences. In my work, I’ve tried to shine a light on aspects of public policy which affect us all but where the details of what is taking place, often behind the scenes, are not well understood. I hope this drama will give audiences an insight into a world certain to impact our lives significantly in the years ahead.”  

With a supporting cast that also includes Oscar-winner Mark Rylance, Adrian Lester, Alex Jennings, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers, The Undeclared War looks like an intriguing peek into the battles of tomorrow. The six-episode series premieres on Peacock Aug. 18.