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WIRE Buzz: The Walking Dead meets PUBG; Frozen II teases songs; Banana Splits split heads

By Jacob Oller
Olaf Frozen IMDb

Walkers are the newest threat gamers must face thanks to a new crossover with The Walking Dead and the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

According to a release, the battle royale game (more realistic in aesthetic and gameplay than its cartoonish competition in the genre, Fortnite) is linking with AMC’s zombified franchise starting on Oct. 1 and continuing on into 2020. That means characters like the dearly departed Rick Grimes, newfound protagonist Daryl Dixon, villain Negan, and badass Michonne will all be available as unlockable skins for players.

Check it out:

PUBG and The Walking Dead

Iconic weapons and vehicles from the franchise will also populate the war game, letting players drop and fight 99 others for the chance to ride Daryl’s motorcycle, wield Michonne’s katana, or swing the infamous Lucille. No hard feelings, Glenn.

Next, a song from Frozen 2 is about to get lodged in your ears. It’s ok. Just let it go. This snippet of a tune comes from the Disney franchise’s star Josh Gad, whose living snowman Olaf sings a tune about how he’ll understand when he’s older.

Take a listen to the tease below:

“When I’m Older” is one of the first tracks fans have heard from the film, including “Into the Unknown,” which has been prominently featured in the movie’s trailers. “When I’m Older” will certainly be sung by many kids, which will give parents a knowing laugh at just how wrong they are. Sorry, kids.

Frozen 2 ices all other films when it hits theaters on Nov. 27.

Finally, the Banana Splits movie is nearing its SYFY airdate, which means it’s time for a gory new trailer showing off some of the twisted kills inflicted upon unsuspecting fans by the demonic animatronics. Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper, and Snorky are out for blood in director Danishka Esterhazy’s take. SYFY WIRE has shown off plenty of footage from the kids show/murder movie, and now Bloody Disgusting has a trailer of their own to flaunt—and bloody it is.

Check it out:

Yes, heads are smashed, people are cut in two, and all manner of car mishaps occur in The Banana Splits Movie. The film recently had a digital release and physical home release earlier this month, and will air Oct. 12 at 9/8c on SYFY.