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WIRE Buzz: The Walking Dead shares S10 scene; A Ryan Reynolds / Will Ferrell Christmas Carol; more

By Benjamin Bullard
The Walking Dead Season 10 Carol and Daryl

AMC is gearing up for the return of The Walking Dead with a unique new teaser that offers up a cool sneak peek at a behind-the-scenes table read from a Season 10 scene, one that then segues slickly into the finished product for a before-and-after look at how the show comes together.

The preview, which features an animated Eugene (Josh McDermitt) alongside Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Siddiq (Avi Nash), shows a lighter moment that focuses on new baby Coco, giving a nod to the upcoming season’s fresh emphasis on staking out the beginnings of a new civilization — even as new threats amass around Alexandria.

The compare-and-contrast transition from table read to final scene is a neat way for AMC to signal to fans that it’s confident in where the new season is headed, and it’s filled with Eugene’s signature mania — a comic foil against the budding family’s attempts at, y’know, trying to settle down into some semblance of normal post-apocalyptic life. 

It’s definitely a vignette and not a broad-brush overview of where the show’s headed this fall, but it’s also our closest look yet as we wait for Season 10 to debut. The Walking Dead returns to AMC Oct. 6.

No "Bah, Humbug!" here! Tune up those pipes and spare a farthing, because two comedic heroes are revamping Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol into a holiday musical that promises to make good on its name.

THR reports that Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are teaming up to star in a “musical reimagining” of the 19th-century classic, with Sean Anders and John Morris — who both worked with Ferrell on the 2015 comedy Daddy’s Home and its 2017 sequel — set to direct and write the adapted script.

We don’t yet know which roles Reynolds and Ferrell will play, although it’s hard not to imagine tons of comedic potential no matter which actor might suit up as Dickens icons like Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, a chain-bound Jacob Marley, or — dare we hope it? — even Tiny Tim. There’s no release date or other casting information at this early stage, as the project reportedly is still being shopped among major studios, but we’re as merry as a schoolboy at the prospect that we might one day have a funny new take to rotate in with faithful Christmas standbys like The Muppet Christmas Carol and Scrooged.

With Fantastic Fest fresh underway, a new documentary has emerged that’s taking a stab at unpacking some fascinating behind-the-scenes insights into the curious and enduring legacy of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Directors Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen already have gotten tons of buzz for Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street, which dials in on the personal story of Mark Patton, who starred as Jesse Walsh in Nightmare 2. The documentary especially zeroes in on how Patton’s performance ignited a still-burning fascination with what many have come to regard as a cleverly insinuated homoerotic subtext — most pointedly on display in the movie's famous shower scene — and how it defined his acting career in the years that followed.

“Derided by most series fans after its release, eventually embraced by curious audiences, it can now be celebrated for what it really is,” the film’s promotional synopsis explains. “SCREAM, QUEEN! serves as an essential companion piece to NOES2, allowing Mark to tell his amazing story and providing crucial context that seals its place in the pantheon of great horror films, queer or otherwise.”

Judging from the trailer, Patton’s journey not only through the film’s 1980s creation, but also its long and ever-shifting fan regard, looks like a pretty compelling watch — especially for a documentary about an ostensibly superficial, popcorn-worthy horror movie. SYFY WIRE is at Fantastic Fest as it unfolds all week, so stay tuned for our coverage from the Scream, Queen! premiere on Sept. 22.