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Robert Kirkman foretells a Walking Dead future without zombies

By Josh Weiss
The Walking Dead Morgan James

Should you ever find yourself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, the answer to surviving is actually a simple one.

Just squirrel yourself away in a safe house somewhere with plenty of food/water and wait for the undead to simply rot away, or at least rot to a point where they're no longer dangerous. Time is always an enemy of the zombie scourge people!

In the letters section of the latest issue of The Walking Dead, creator Robert Kirkman and his editor, Sean Mackiewicz, were asked whether such a scenario could ever happen in the world of TWD.

“That’s probably generations away, but entirely feasible, sure, once all the muscle tissue and flesh holding those meat bags together fails," wrote Mackiewicz.

The Walking Dead #189

Of course, the question also astutely pointed out that while zombies lend themselves to the title of the series, the real threat is other people after the breakdown of society's law and order. Kirkman, however, humored the question, giving examples of walkers who, in the past, have not been very mobile.

“There have been zombies seen in the series that are much less mobile. Lurkers were what we called them. We’ve seen some extra decayed zombies along the way," he wrote. "The natural progression is that, yeah, eventually there will be very, very few zombies in this world because most of them will have died off and decayed away … will the series last long enough for us to get there? Only time will tell!!”

The Walking Dead television series, currently nearing the end of its ninth season on AMC, introduced a new type of "walker" during its midseason finale back in November. The survivors truly believed that they'd encountered an evolved breed of zombie, but it actually turned out to be the Whisperers, maniacal humans who don walker skin to both walk among the undead and fool other people, so that they can kill them.