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The Week in Geek: Avengers: Endgame, Will Smith is less blue, and Elisabeth Moss gets Invisible

By Dany Roth
Carol Danvers, Brie Larson, Avengers: Endgame Thor scene

It's the end of the week. Depending on where you live, it might even be warm out! It is, most certainly, light out past 5PM. But that's not the biggest story. I mean it is to me, but this is an outlet about nerd news, not about seasonal affective disorder.

So here they are, the five biggest stories from... The Week in Geek!


SYFY WIRE is hosting the live stage, once again, at ReedPop's Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. This marks the first anniversary since WIRE started doing live shows. As of this writing, we've hosted a ton of people. Gwendoline Christie was on the stage and obviously spilled every last detail about the final season of Game of Thrones. James Arnold Taylor and Vanessa Marshall talked Star Wars: Rebels. Kelly Sue DeConnick talked Aquaman. The cast of Boy Meets World still had the power to make a pretty huge audience cheer, which is kind of amazing. And that was just day one!

Rainn Wilson, Noelle Stevenson, Finn Wilfhard, Gaten Maarazzo, and a mini Battlestar Galactica reunion are all still to come. It's been pretty great so far. So if you are at ECCC, come on by. If you're not, there's this great platform called "YouTube" you should think about checking out.


Hey. Y'all remember that live-action Disney's Aladdin trailer that dropped not that long ago? The one where Will Smith was a genie and, uh, it blue, so to speak? Well, here's another trailer to make you feel less blue. And for Will Smith to feel the same.

Yes, the two biggest revelations out of the latest trailer are that the CGI on Will Smith is starting to look better, but, more importantly, that he's probably not going to be blue for most of the film.

There will also be songs. "A Whole New World" sounds, well, pretty much like you remember it. "Friend Like Me" is probably gonna be a rap. I feel good about that. Mostly, though, the trailer hints at the likelihood that this live-action Aladdin will, like the live-action Beauty and the Beast, be more retelling than reinvention.

That is sort of the line down which the sides are drawn on these Disney adaptations: do you like movies that depart from the source material like Maleficent and Pete's Dragon, or do you prefer the dogged recreations like Beauty and the Beast and now, likely, Aladdin? Going by raw numbers, most people seem to prefer the latter. Me, I'm a rebel, Dottie. And by that I mean I loved Maleficent.

Anyway, Aladdin seems improved. That's nice.

what if spidey


In the 1970s (and again, later) Marvel Comics ran a comic series called "What if" that posited questions like "What if... Kraven killed Spider-Man," or "What if... Loki found the Hammer of Thor" or, "What if... Wolverine became the Punisher." They were these brief windows into alternate realities of the Marvel Universe.

And this week we found out that Marvel will be making an animated series out of that concept. For we middle-aged Gen X dweebs, this is pretty tight news. And though there's no specific talent attached to the project, it's hard not to see the appeal in bringing in actors from the MCU who would only need to provide their voices for the project.

The only confirmed episode thus far is the one where Loki finds Thor's Hammer. "The One Where Loki Finds Thor's Hammer" makes it sound like an episode of Friends, which... honestly works for me? My only other request is that they do the one where Kraven becomes Spider-Man by eating a lot of spiders. Genuinely a thing that happens. Amazing. Spider-Man, that is.

invisible man


There's been talk since the breakdown of the Dark Universe (RIP) that an Invisible Woman movie is coming, rather than a Johnny Depp Invisible Man movie. I'd call that an upgrade. And I say that because Leigh Whannell, who directed Upgrade, is also tapped to direct The Invisible Woman.

And the other rumor has been that Elisabeth Moss is taking on the role of the titular character. She was interviewed by Buzzfeed about the film and said stuff like, "I would say that I can't talk about it. I can't really talk about it, but I would say that it's… I can't say anything about it." And then also saying she's not, "replacing Johnny Depp necessarily," but that it's "an incredible story that maybe needs to be retold, but maybe with a woman."

Anyway, she's probably the Invisible Woman, I mean honestly, c'mon. I know a lot of people will question how this new incarnation will stack up with the original 1933 Invisible Man, but can it compete with the Chevy Chase vehicle, Memoirs of an Invisible Man (1992)? That's the real, hard-hitting question I'm choosing to ask.

And in what way will a woman being invisible change the story? Will it be like when a woman is in a pitch meeting and nobody listens to her ideas? Or will it be about a woman who can walk to the train without dudes staring at her for no reason other than she's there? Lots of places this story could go, is what I'm saying.

I would watch "Elisabeth Moss Does Not Get Catcalled On Her Commute: The Movie" in a heartbeat, though. Just putting that out in the Dark Universe.


Did y'all know there's an Avengers movie coming out? There is. It's called Endgame. The other half of the MCU is going to die in it. There, I've ruined the plot for you and now you don't need to see it anymore. You're welcome.

Anyway, a trailer dropped this week that was more old footage than it was new but people seemed pretty excited about it. If you've ever watched Supernatural, it's sort of a "The Road So Far..." trailer. We basically remember how all our heroes got to the place they're in. Fans have been making trailers like this for years, because people love that kind of stuff.

Also, though, there's some new stuff including Natasha and Clint holding hands??? What?! Also, everyone is in white suits. That's probably Ant-Man tech so our heroes can travel through the Quantum Realm and undo the snap heard 'round the world.

There's also some controversy over Captain Marvel's appearance in the trailer, in that, after we all watched her movie where she has minimal makeup, she's suddenly very glam looking here? Did she get this glow up in space? Hard to say.

Also, everyone's really in their feelings and showing it via new hairstyle and that's the real hard-hitting news we talk about here at SYFY.

Anyway, that's it. The Week in Geek is over. Thank you for your patronage. Watch our ECCC live stage, please and thank you. Let us know what the biggest stories were in your week and what you thought of these stories.