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This Alex Ross limited-edition The Joker SDCC 2019 litho delivers a geeky grin

By Jeff Spry
Joker Hero

With Todd Phillips' Joker movie coming out this fall starring Joaquin Phoenix as the insane archcriminal, it's time to remind ourselves just how vital the Clown Prince of Crime is to the DC Universe and especially to the tormented psyche of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

Created by Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane, and Bill Finger back in 1940, the Joker made his first appearance in DC's Batman #1, and his popularity has rarely waned in eight decades as the supervillain has cavorted in countless comic book pages, drawn by everyone from Robinson and Neal Adams to Dave McKean and Lee Bermejo.

But for our money, esteemed artist Alex Ross best captures the demented madman with a certain maniacal glee and distinctive flair for the dramatic.

The Joker Ross

A new fine art lithograph from Alex Ross Art titled Joker Character Model will be premiered exclusively next week at San Diego Comic-Con — and SYFY WIRE has a first look at this revealing release. This mesmerizing piece shows different facial expressions and poses of the sadistic baddie and is the first in a series of DC Comics Character Models.

Spotlighting the Joker in all his insane glory, this deluxe print also includes never-before-seen sketches of the notorious Dark Knight nemesis. Fans and collectors can pick up their copy at the Alex Ross Art Booth #2415 at SDCC or online at For those planning to pick up a print online, be sure to join the wait list.


"Alex has always captured the regality of the Clown Prince of Crime; here we see it portrayed in the many different forms, leading to the Joker that we know, love and fear," Chris Rupp, VP at Alex Ross Art, tells SYFY WIRE.

This fascinating new Joker Character Model print from superstar Alex Ross measures 15" x 15.5", is available in an edition of just 250, and is priced at $35 each. Does this dramatic Joker artwork put a smile on your face, and will you try to snag one immediately?

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