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Tim Rozon & Sarah Levy Debate How Luke's Power Loss Changes SurrealEstate Season 2

Who's the boss at The Roman Agency when SurrealEstate returns? Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy have thoughts ...

By Tara Bennett
SurrealEstate Season 2 Trailer

When last we saw Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) and Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) in the Season 1 finale of SurrealEstate, the colleagues weren't exactly on the same page. While trying to clear the Donovan House of its hauntings, Susan ended up summoning a powerful blast with her pyrokinetic powers to open the portal that sucked the dark shades away, including the malevolent spirit of Luke's stillborn-at-birth twin. When it disappeared into the portal, so too did Luke's life-long necromancy powers. Suddenly adrift in life, Luke walked away from his agency to process and Susan took over company management. 

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With SurrealEstate returning for Season 2 on October 4 on SYFY, it's safe to say that some time has passed for the agency, making the vibe between the absent Luke and hyper-competent Susan ... different

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"There's a little tension," actress Sarah Levy said to SYFY WIRE in a paired interview with Tim Rozon conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike. 

"Yeah, it's tough coming right out the gate," Tim Rozon said, backing up her assessment.  "I remember when I got the first script. I was like, 'Ooh, OK. This is where he's at.'"

(l-r) Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson), Luke Roman (Tim Rozon), August Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint), and Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley) glance down in SurrealEstate 201.

Having stayed away from the office for some time, Rozon described Luke's state of being as "insecure and humble," and definitely out of sync with his team. "He's lost his ability to speak to the other side which was, in many ways, his curse and his gift," he said. "At this point of his life, I think he turned it into his gift. And without it, he's a little inadequate."

 "It's something that he's dealt with his entire life, so it's such a huge part of Luke's identity," Levy added.

Not to mention his powers were the back bone of his paranormal real estate business, The Roman Agency, where he employs Susan, researcher Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson), tech wiz Auggie Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint), and office manager Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley). With his necromancy prowess gone, Luke's silently struggled in between seasons with how to contribute, so he's remained MIA. 

Picking up the slack he left behind? It's Susan, of course. Levy said Susan did so happily because she's never taken for granted how much Luke helped her by hiring her when she was at her lowest in Season 1. "And so initially, she was like, 'You take all the time you need. This will be here when you get back. We will do this without you,'" she explained.

And they did. Rather well.

Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy) conjures a fire in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

"Going into the second season, everyone gets comfortable in their new roles," Levy teased about the new dynamic at work. "She's very Type A and has very specific ways that she wants to run the company while Luke's gone."

Which rubs the actual boss the wrong way. "No one really knows how to deal with Luke when he does come back because he doesn't have [his] power," Rozon said of his character's latest conundrum. "Luke was the leader before because we deal with the dead. He had a direct contact to the dead, which no one else had. We've lost that. And then, Susan has her way of doing things, running the business in some ways better than Luke. Probably more efficiently, which I don't think Luke appreciated as much as he should have."

Levy concurs and admits Susan will have some issues with how Luke treats her in the office. "Things were feeling very comfy the way she was running it and that shifts again when he gets back," she said. "But to be fair, I think Susan underestimates what that power is, and thinking that she can run this company in other ways when the key component to this company is the direct line to the spirits."

To see how it all plays out, be sure to tune into SurrealEstate Season 2, which begins October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.