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Tim Rozon & Sarah Levy Promise More Laughs in SurrealEstate Season 2

The stars of SurrealEstate promise more LOLs with the shows AHHHs!

By Tara Bennett
A silhouetted man walks through a beam of light in a forest SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

For existing fans of SYFY's SurrealEstate, labeling the "haunt of the week" series a dramedy will come as no surprise. While the premise is pretty serious — Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) can speak to the dead and uses that gift to de-possess homes, then sell them — the tone of the episodes have a very "one scare for every laugh" vibe. It's equal parts charming and then terrifying, which makes the series such a surprising watch every week.

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With Season 2 returning October 4 on SYFY, there's actually maybe even more laughs on deck because the established cast —  agent Susan Ireland (Sarah Levy), researcher Father Phil Orley (Adam Korson), tech wiz Auggie Ripley (Maurice Dean Wint), and office manager Zooey L'Enfant (Savannah Basley) — are all so adept at sly comedy too. 

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Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) holds a teddy bear in SurrealEstate 201 "Trust the Process".

In a paired interview with Rozon and Levy conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike, the duo told SYFY WIRE that Season 2 really helped cement the tone of SurrealEstate for both of them.

"I definitely had more confidence coming into Season 2 than Season 1, for sure," Rozon said. "Season 1, that first script, I didn't know what the show was yet. The first shot is pretty much The Exorcist. And have you seen The Exorcist? It's not the funniest!" he joked. "But, as a cast, we started finding comedic moments with each other that also happened. And when we just leaned into it, that's when the magic happened."

Levy concurred and said her experience was similar. "Going into Season 1. the tone that I initially had in my head reading that pilot script was a very different tone than what we ended up with towards the end of the season," she remembered. "As Tim was saying, it's figuring out what the tone is, and then finding those comedic elements."

In particular, Levy said it was during the production of the episodes "Ft. Ghost Child" and "Roman's Six" where everything started to click. "It was actually Mel Scrofano who was directing one of our episodes where I was looking at this line and I was like, 'Can I play this funny? I want it to go that way.' And she was like, 'You do whatever. Lean in!' And at that point, I thought, 'Oh, OK. I can lean in.' Everyone just relaxed into the underlying comedy of the show, which I think took everyone by surprise."

"I agree," Rozon continued. "And then when Season 2 came — which is funny, because Season 2 is so scary compared to Season 1 — but it's also so much lighter in the comedic bits which is great to have because it's so fun to play. And, to be honest, my reaction to fear is sometimes humor. When I'm scared and don't know how to deal with something, I make a joke about it, because it's just easier to deal with sometimes."

Assess the scares and laughs yourself, and tune into SurrealEstate Season 2, which begins October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SYFY.