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SYFY WIRE Deadpool

Sneak peek: The Merc With a Mouth muses about life in Titan Comics' The Philosophy of Deadpool

By Jeff Spry
Deadpool Hero

The Merc With a Mouth doesn't seem like the most reliable person in the world to dispense wisdom and advice that can affect our lives, but he does have a certain twisted perspective on the rules of existence that might be beneficial. 

Throughout his decades in comic books, tie-in novels, animated series, and feature films, Deadpool has offered up a barbed bounty of unique observations and opinions about mankind and his place here on our Big Blue Marble.

To capitalize on all these genuine nuggets, Titan Comics is releasing The Philosophy of Deadpool on Nov. 26. It's an essential 144-page gift book gathering some of Deadpool's best (and worst) mantras and mottos straight from the antihero's demented mind, providing a unique take on Marvel's favorite katana-wielding, gun-toting, insult-firing crusader.

Deadpool Cover

Inside you'll find the most outrageous moments from Deadpool's comic book history in a vivid volume of his wisdom, insights, and guiding moral principles. Ever been in a perilous situation and wondered what Deadpool would do? This indispensable book provides the answer ... plus plenty of unicorns.

Counting down the release of The Philosophy of Deadpool, Titan Comics is kicking off The Twelve Days of Deadpool, revealing a different daily image from the book on select media outlets containing sage advice from Wade Wilson's bruised-but-brilliant brain. 

Here's SYFY WIRE's addition to the party, with a whole lotta Deadpools from the multiverse!

Deadpool 12

Learn to live your life the Deadpool way in Titan's colorful release packed with manic musings of our crimson-clad comrade and arriving on Nov. 26. Check out our extended preview in the gallery below.