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Titans: Dick Grayson actor Brenton Thwaites warns of 'some goodbyes' in Season 3 finale

By Josh Weiss
Titans 313 Stil

Titans has officially been renewed for a fourth season on HBO Max, but don't expect all of your favorite characters to make it through the conclusion of Season 3. Which is saying something, considering who we've already lost this season.

Speaking with TVLine ahead of the season finale on HBO Max this Thursday (Oct. 21), principal cast member Brenton Thwaites alluded to "some goodbyes at the end." The actor who plays Dick Grayson/Nightwing didn't go into specifics about who will be departing, though he did add that fans should "feel excited to see the Titans cooking with gas and really collaborating, working towards essentially the recapturing of Gotham and saving the people of Gotham."

With Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (played by Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser) about to carry out his nefarious plan from his base of operations at Wayne Manor, the titular team of heroes decides to spread out for a divide and conquer approach.

"There could be an option for a big, grandiose fight where Crane has a bunch of his cronies trying to kill us, but  we’ve gone down that path before," Thwaites said. "It’s nice to have more of a segregated approach to defeating [the Big Bad]. Also, it explains the grandeur of the episode, that it’s all of Gotham that we’re trying to save. We need people all over the city to put out separate fires."

The news of Titans' renewal broke at DC FanDome over the weekend along with the announcement of additional seasons for other DC projects like Doom Patrol and Pennyworth (the latter will move from Epix to HBO Max for its third outing).

“The feedback from HBO Max and Warner Brothers and the producers was very positive, but obviously we had to wait for that feedback from the people watching the show,” Thwaites said on the topic of a fourth season. “We all felt pretty good about renewal, but it’s a wild world out there, man. We had to wait and see if the COVID-ness of it all would raise the question of whether a Season 4 was worth it — and it turns out it is.”

The Titans season finale hits HBO Max this Thursday, Oct. 21.