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If Disney+ Day left you wanting, 'The Boys' is here to help with the Vought+ Day teaser

We're just here for The Seven Cinematic Universe updates.

By James Comtois
The Boys 201 Still

Happy Vought+ Day! Oh, The Boys, you incorrigible rapscallions. Don’t ever change. In an attempt to steal a bit of thunder and troll the Mouse House on Disney+ Day, the folks from The Boys delivered a spot-on parody of the streaming service via social media. That’s right: for some, it may be Disney+ Day.

But within the world of The Boys? It’s Vought+ Day.

Wait, are you not a subscriber? Because if not, you’re truly missing out. As Homelander himself says, “With Vought+, you have the power to control the greatest content in the world.” The ad for the streaming service created by Vought International, promises movies, news, entertainment television, and of course, let’s not forget VSPN for all you sports fans. Take that, Book of Boba Fett!

Check out the "teaser" below.

Vought of course is the Fox-like megacorporation behind The Seven, many of whom appear in the ad to plug the fictional streamer’s content, including the aforementioned Homelander (Antony Starr), Starlight (Erin Moriarty), A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). (Chace Crawford’s The Deep also makes an appearance in there but not as one of the spokespeople.) Some of the films from Vought Studios available on the streaming service include Y2KOS (Tagline: “We Were Warned”), Terminal Beauty (starring Popclaw and Billy Zane), and Translucent: Invisible Force 2 (“You Can’t Kill What You Can’t See”). 

The satirical The Boys is no stranger to clever world-building, and is is already known for creating fake in-universe content to plug the show and make that universe feel a bit more real. Remember that fake news segment the show released? What about that music video from Starlight commemorating Translucent? Yeah, they do this. And yes, we’re here for it.

The first two seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon. Season 3, which wrapped production in September, is expected to drop sometime next year, though a specific premiere date has not yet been announced.

If you're not caught up on the actual Disney+ Day festivities, we have you covered there as well. The streamer dropped a meaty sizzle reel laying out some first footage from new Marvel shows like Moon Knight and She-Hulk; confirmed a new Predator movie prequel coming to Hulu; revealed X-Men: The Animated Series is getting a revival; revealed a teaser featurette for the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series; plus a whole lot more.

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