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SYFY WIRE Red Notice

TV THIS WEEK: Red Notice; Supergirl finale; SNL; Chucky, Intergalactic & Day of the Dead on SYFY

We have A-list stars, killer dolls, superheroes, space adventure and a whole lot more.

By Trent Moore
Red Notice Netflix

Netflix is debuting arguably its most star-studded film of the year this week while plenty of other genre shows roll out across the dial. Not to mention a Marvel fan favorite is taking the reins at Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The new action heist flick Red Notice starring Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot makes its debut on Netflix. Critics have been fairly mixed on the film, though it should still check those throwback action movie boxes for a lot of fans. SYFY has a full slate, with the premiere of the event series Intergalactic (which is also streaming on Peacock), plus new episodes of Chucky and Day of the Dead.

NBC has a new La Brea, plus Jonathan Majors makes his SNL hosting debut, fresh off his breakout gig as He Who Remains on Disney+'s Loki (he's also playing Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania). HBO Max has the season finale of Doom Patrol and Disney+ is celebrating the anniversary of the service with Disney+ Day, which promises some fresh Marvel and Star Wars reveals (though we don't have many details on that just yet).

Digging a bit deeper, Peacock has a new The Lost Symbol; The CW has new super-shows including DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and the series finale of Supergirl; BBC America has a new Doctor Who; and AMC has new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond.

Check out the full rundown below.


Supergirl (The CW), Tuesday 9 p.m. - "Kara"

SERIES FINALE: Supergirl is joined by familiar faces from the past to help her stop Lex and Nyxly for good; Alex and Kelly prepare to walk down the aisle.

Chucky (SYFY/USA), Tuesday 10 p.m. - "Little Little Lies"

Jake and Devon progress their relationship; enemies and allies from Chucky's past show up.

Intergalactic (SYFY), Wednesday 10 p.m. - Episode 1

PREMIERE: The Peacock original comes to SYFY: On the outskirts of outer space, a fearless young galactic pilot finds her life forever changed after being accused of treason.

Doom Patrol (HBO Max), Thursday - Season 3 Finale

SEASON FINALE: Do you have what it takes to join a super-powered gang of outcasts? The Season 3 finale.

Day of the Dead (SYFY), Friday 10 p.m. - "'Til the Dead Do Us Part"

People of Mawinaken flee the overrun town to escape the rapidly approaching undead.

Red Notice (Netflix), Friday

FILM PREMIERE: An Interpol-issued Red Notice is a global alert to hunt and capture the world's most wanted. But when a daring heist brings together the FBI's top profiler (Dwayne Johnson) and two rival criminals (Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds), there's no telling what will happen.

Marvel Studios' 2021 Disney+ Day Special (Disney+), Friday

Marvel's mysterious event celebrating the anniversary of Disney+'s launch.

Saturday Night Live (NBC), Saturday 10 p.m.

NEW: Talented actors and comedians who are accompanied by a weekly guest host present a series of skits and sketches; includes musical performances from popular artists. Jonathan Majors (Loki) hosts.


4400 (The CW), Monday 9 p.m. - "That LaDonna Life"

LaDonna signs up for 15 more minutes of fame but quickly realizes she doesn't have the clout she once had; Jharrell picks an inopportune time to speak his truth, and it may cost him dearly; Andre is eager to get back to medicine.

The Lost Symbol (NBC), Monday 10 p.m. - "As Above, So Below"

The pilot episode of the Peacock original comes to NBC: Young professor Robert Langdon is pulled into a complex mystery when his beloved mentor, Peter Solomon, is kidnapped; armed with knowledge of history and symbols, Langdon must work together with Peter's daughter and other allies to save him.


Supergirl (The CW), Tuesday 8 p.m. - "The Last Gauntlet"

Supergirl and the super friends take drastic action after a loved one is kidnapped by Nyxly and Lex; an unlikely ally steps in to help the team.

La Brea (NBC), Tuesday 9 p.m. - "The Storm"

When a chaotic superstorm hits the clearing, a structural collapse puts Marybeth and Lucas' lives in danger; Eve, still at odds with everyone, tries to make amends by leading the effort to dig them out; Gavin embarks on a journey into his past.

Supergirl (The CW), Tuesday 9 p.m. - "Kara"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Chucky (SYFY/USA), Tuesday 10 p.m. - "Little Little Lies"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW), Wednesday 8 p.m. - "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Scientist"

After Sara, Ava, Behrad and Gary arrive in New York City, they track down Dr. Gwyn Davies; Astra, Spooner and Gideon are still trying to stop the Legends from using the time machine; Nate and Zari work together on the Hoover situation.

Batwoman (The CW), Wednesday 9 p.m. - "A Lesson From Professor Pyg"

Ryan asks Sophie to accompany her to a dinner at Jada's to do recon on what her estranged mother knows about Wayne Enterprises; as the terrifying evening unfolds, Ryan witnesses another side to Marquis and her mother.

Intergalactic (SYFY), Wednesday 10 p.m. - Episode 1

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Intergalactic (SYFY), Wednesday 11 p.m. - Episode 2

Common World leaders contact Ash and task her with apprehending one of their enemies, her shipmate Emma; Emma reveals that she knows Arcadia's coordinates.


The Lost Symbol (Peacock), Thursday - New Episode

A young Harvard symbologist must solve a series of deadly puzzles to save his kidnapped mentor and thwart a chilling global conspiracy.

Doom Patrol (HBO Max), Thursday - Season 3 Finale

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Foundation (Apple TV+), Thursday - New Episode

Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Invasion (Apple TV+), Thursday - New Episode

We are not alone. Extraterrestrial beings have made their way to Earth from across the universe. Civilization could collapse. And survival is up to you. Follows a global cast - including Sam Neill, Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Billy Barrett, and Shioli Kutsuna - as they try to navigate a terrifying new reality infested by lethal aliens. 

Legacies (The CW), Thursday 9 p.m. - "I Thought You'd Be Happier to See Me"

Hope is tracked down by the one person who could help her -- Rebekah Mikaelson; Josie and Lizzie hold out hope in a seemingly dire situation; Kaleb wants to set things right and turns to Cleo for guidance.

Ghosts (CBS), Thursday 9 p.m. - "Flower's Article"

When Sam is commissioned to write an article about Flower and her friends holding up a bank during their commune days, Flower begs Sam not to accept the job because she's embarrassed about a part of the story she's never revealed.


Red Notice (Netflix)

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Marvel Studios' 2021 Disney+ Day Special (Disney+), Friday

See more in our "Highlights" section above.

Nancy Drew (The CW), Friday 9 p.m. - "The Myth of the Ensnared Hunter"

The Drew Crew goes on the hunt for an underground prison that may hold answers to the Frozen Hearts killings; Ace tries to enlist Amanda Bobbsey in bringing her father to justice.

The UnXplained (History), Friday 9 p.m. - "Satanic Encounters"

For thousands of years, people have believed in the existence of Satan, the embodiment of evil; some believe he has the power to possess souls and create mayhem amongst humanity.

Day of the Dead (SYFY), Friday 10 p.m. - "'Til the Dead Do Us Part"

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Arcane (Netflix), Saturday - New Episodes

The origins of two iconic League champions, set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

Saturday Night Live (NBC), Saturday 10 p.m.

See more in our "Highlights" section above.


Doctor Who (BBC America), Sunday 8 p.m. - "Flux: Once, Upon Time"

An eccentric yet compassionate extraterrestrial Time Lord ventures through time and space to battle injustice and solve problems across the universe.

The Simpsons (Fox), Sunday 8 p.m. - "A Serious Flanders (Part 2)"

Things for Ned and Homer go from bad to worse in the stunning conclusion of this SIMPFLIX prestige crime thriller.

Legends of the Hidden Temple (The CW), Sunday 8 p.m. - "The Norse Legend of Freyja"

Four new teams compete to win the chance at the Temple Run and $25,000.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC), Sunday 9 p.m. - "Till Death"

With a code to guide them, Dwight and Sherry become ethical outlaws known as the Dark Horses; when Strand recruits them for a search and rescue mission, it forces them to question their code and their future.

Family Guy (Fox), Sunday 9:30 p.m. - "Peterschmidt Manor"

Lois and her father attend the funeral of Lois' childhood nanny; Peter and the rest of the family turn Pewterschmidt mansion into a hotel.

The Osbournes Want to Believe (Travel), Sunday 10 p.m. - "Aliens, Ghosts and Cryptids, Oh My!"

Jack continues to convince his parents that unexplainable phenomena exists everywhere, and he uses video evidence of shadow people, fairies and an ancient lake monster to show them.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond (AMC), Sunday 10 p.m. - "Blood and Lies"

As the group searches for answers, some struggle to find common ground while others question who can be trusted; a shocking message sets a new mission into motion.

*TV listings via streaming, network and Zap2it listings.