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SYFY WIRE Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal Takes Over SDCC as Sisqó Surprises Fans with Pop-Up Concert For Peacock Series

Sweet Tooth’s invited musical guest crashed the post-apocalyptic party as part of Peacock’s big Twisted Metal world premiere.

By Benjamin Bullard
Sisqó performs at Peacock's Twisted Metal activation at SDCC 2023

Anthony Mackie’s beleaguered Twisted Metal hero barely got out alive from his first encounter with killer clown Sweet Tooth in the hilariously hyped first trailer for the soon-to-debut Peacock series. If it weren’t for their surprise shared affinity for a certain throwback party anthem, in fact, Mackie’s John Doe might still be stuck to the floor of a trashy Vegas casino — but then again, a little “Thong Song” knowledge can go a long way.

Mackie escaped what looked like certain clown carnage in the clip — but only after Sweet Tooth learned he’d finally found a friend who can scat out the lyrics to Sisqó’s iconic chart-topping 2000 banger. Now with San Diego Comic-Con fully underway, Peacock and Twisted Metal have rolled up to the SDCC party with the real thing itself — or, more aptly, the real bling: Yep, none other than Sisqó himself crashed the scene for a surprise live “Thong Song” and nostalgic greatest-hits performance, all accompanied, of course, by his biggest fan this side of the post-apocalypse.

Check out Sisqó & Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth shakin’ it to “Thong Song” at SDCC:

Sisqó performs at Peacock's Twisted Metal activation at SDCC 2023
Sisqó performs at Peacock's Twisted Metal activation at SDCC 2023
Sisqó performs at Peacock's Twisted Metal activation at SDCC 2023
Sisqó performs at Peacock's Twisted Metal activation at SDCC 2023
Sweet Tooth from The Twisted Metal Marching Band at SDCC 2023

Flanked by a post-apocalyptic Y2K drumline with Sweet Tooth front and center, Sisqó’s surprise sing-along set the mood for the series’ big SDCC first look. Fans in attendance got an early world-premiere peek at the show ahead of its official July 27 launch on Peacock, complete with themed-out Twisted Metal ice cream from Salt & Straw (we’ve gotta get our hands on that), doled out as the featured flavor from Sweet Tooth's road-ready ice cream truck.

After the party, Kinda Funny host Greg Miller sat everyone down for the big premiere, treating fans to the full first episode of the wild, warped live-action series based on the iconic PlayStation car combat games. Teased by Peacock as an action-comedy ride-along following the cross-country adventures of Mackie’s “motor-mouthed outsider” John Doe, Twisted Metal features the Marvel Cinematic Universe veteran as its package-delivering road warrior, though he's surrounded by a truly bonkers cast.

How bonkers? Try Stephanie Beatriz (Encanto, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) as Quiet, Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Divorce, Spider-Man: No Way Home) as Agent Stone, Neve Campbell (Scream) as Raven, and the tag-team combo of Will Arnett (voice) and burly wrestler Joe Seanoa (aka Samoa Joe) presiding over the maelstrom of mayhem as Sweet Tooth.

Need an all-out primer on who’s who in Peacock’s Twisted Metal loony-verse before the series rolls up on July 27? Click here for the full rundown and get ready to party post-apocalyptic style… while we hang back and freshen up on our “Thong Song” dance moves.