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Twitter reacts to Supernatural coming to an end

By Elizabeth Rayne

We’ve finally come to the last slice of pie.

Supernatural has been saving people and hunting things (and bringing on the pie) for the last 14 seasons, but stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins have just announced that Season 15, which premieres this fall, will end the series and the family business.

Sam and Dean Winchester have faced off against everything supernatural and ridiculously dangerous you could possibly think of, from demons to one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in a suit to even Death himself, since 2005. Legions of fans helped make it the longest-running sci-fi series and longest-running genre series ever on American broadcast TV.

At least there are still four episodes left this season, and next season will add 20 more to that. Executive producers Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb promised that the characters would get “the sendoff they deserve.” Whether that is enough for diehard Supernatural fans remains to be seen.

“We just told the crew that though we’re very, very excited about moving into our 15th season, it will be our last,” Ackles said in a video message to fans (above). “We wanted you to hear from us that though we’re excited about next year, it will be the finale, the big grand finale of an institution.”

Even though the show is heading beyond this mortal coil, Collins made sure to add that “This family is not going anywhere even though this show will come to an end.”

The end of an era this huge means it’s going to be all over Twitter. The video tweet has already been retweeted over 1,800 times and liked by over 6,000 people. Series creator Eric Kripke, other members of the Supernatural family, and pretty much every fan who ever existed had something to say about what was inevitably going to happen, even though the show seemed immortal.

Grab a box of tissues … and more pie.

(via Entertainment Weekly)