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SYFY WIRE Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is on a creepy sea quest in first trailer for Underwater

By Brian Silliman
Kristen Stewart in Underwater

Who's ready to take a deep dive with Kristen Stewart? Think hard for a moment before answering — before signing up to jump in and venture under the sea, be assured that this particular sea is not full of singing lobsters and mermaids who want to be a part of your world. 

This undersea journey is courtesy of director William Eubank (The Signal), and it's titled Underwater. Eubank has directed this watery tale from a script by Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad. Everything looks cozy enough while a head-shaved Stewart walks around some kind of sea lab, but then the chum hits the propellors and we're off into a walk across the ocean floor with some serious Alien vibes. Which, thinking about it, would make this movie somewhat similar to The Abyss?

Take a look at the new trailer right here

That's right, not only is Stewart's Norah trapped underwater in a watery tomb of jump scares, T.J. Miller is right there with her. The film also stars Vincent Cassel (Black Swan) and Jessica Henwick (Marvel's Iron Fist). According to the synopsis, they're all underwater researchers who have to survive after their undersea laboratory is damaged by an earthquake. We hate it when that happens. 

Sign us up, and at the same time, no way. Even before the nebulous creepy stuff started jumping out, we could feel the weight of the ocean crushing us. Having Stewart there might help, though, so who knows. 

Underwater is expected to submerge into a ocean of movie theaters on January 10, 2020. Will you be swimming along? Strap on a suit and dive deep into the comments to let us know.