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A blood-sucking conflict begins in first trailer for V-Wars on Netflix

By Josh Weiss
V Wars

The Vampire Diaries is over, but Ian Somerhalder's blood-sucking journey is just beginning in the first trailer for V-Wars on Netflix — and this one looks a whole lot bloodier. 

Produced by IDW Entertainment, the series follows Dr. Luther Swann (Somerhalder) as he contends with a virus that begins to turn human beings into ravenous vampires. As more and more individuals begin to transform, the world is plunged into a deadly conflict between humankind and vampire-kind. Still unaffected by the disease, Swann is forced to fight against his best friend, Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), now a leader of the fanged foes.

It's a nice twist on the exsanguination horror sub-genre that recalls Richard Matheson's subversion of vampiric afflictions in his celebrated 1954 novel, I Am Legend.

Watch the hemoglobin-packed trailer below:

"It's more about the science instead of supernatural fantasy," Somerhalder said of the show back in September. "These creatures come as a result of a disease. They're not 165 years old; it's happening brand new, in real-time. You're experiencing it as it's happening. What that does to the world is going to be insane."

Created and showrun by William Laurin and Glenn Davis (the minds behind Aftermath), V-Wars also stars Jacky Lai, Peter Outerbridge, Kyle Breitkopf, Laura Vandervoot, Kand imberly-Sue Murray.

Check out the new poster as well:

V Wars poster

Season 1 of V-Wars debuts on Netflix Thursday, Dec. 5.