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Creep meets Popstar in exclusive trailer for 'The VICE Guide to Bigfoot'

By Brian Silliman

The horror/comedy is a classic combination, which has been proven by such hits like Shaun of the Dead and What We Do In the Shadows. Director Zach Lamplugh is looking to add to that roster with the new film, The VICE Guide to Bigfoot.

Debuting at the Austin Film Festival on Oct. 25, the movie looks to be a loving homage...not just to the search for Bigfoot and the lives of Bigfoot enthusiasts, but to the shooting style of the show VICE

We are happy to reveal the exclusive trailer for the new film, which will give you some idea of what we are talking about. Take a look right here: 

If your reaction was anything close to ours, you had to check twice as to whether or not this was an actual VICE episode. It's not, it obviously isn't, but Lamplugh and his team very much worked to emulate  and "spoof" that style, as he tells SYFY WIRE. So much so that some of the actual equipment that VICE uses was used to shoot this movie. 

“We hooked up with our producer, and he had shot some stuff with Vice before, so he said 'we can use the equipment I usually use,'" Lamplugh says. "The cameras and lenses we were using, they were shooting stuff for VICE on Wednesday, then next Monday they were shooting our movie, then back to VICE. We were literally using the same instruments.” 

The shooting process became fast and furious, because Lamplugh and his team were tired of the endless pitching process. "We had done pitches, we had done so many cool phone calls with different networks…and then it becomes six months of emails, and then it becomes nothing. We were like, forget this, we’re just shooting a movie," Lamplugh says. "Also, I get excited about movies that have something where you’re visually spoofing something, like Popstar does that with TMZ. I like when the camera is a character, and this felt like a really good excuse for that.” 

While the horror angle gives this comedy some stakes, the angle on Bigfoot came because Lamplugh didn't yet see a real "creature feature" entry in the horror/comedy subgenre. As it happens, he also knew someone who could whip them up incredible Bigfoot effects. 

In the end, what can audiences expect, aside from possibly discovering that Bigfoot is real? “With my friends, I tell them this movie is Creep meets Popstar..." Lamplugh says, adding, "...but most people haven’t seen those movies. So what I tell people is it’s Blair Witch meets What We Do In the Shadows." 

The VICE Guide to Bigfoot premieres at the Austin Film Festival on Oct. 25. The real Bigfoot, however, are the friends made along the way.