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The Great Debate New York Comic Con 2019


Our hallowed realm of geeky pop culture is one with a rich and varied tapestry of properties, franchises, fictional cities, hero cars, sidekicks, magical abilities, caped costumes, superpowers, and heroes and villains galore. If there's one thing we can all find solace in when it comes to debating nerdy topics, it's that it's perfectly fine to agree to disagree. Sometimes!

Last week at New York Comic Con, host Baron Vaughn got the Javits Center crowd amped up for a rousing round of SYFY WIRE's The Great Debate, where opinions run hard and fast over some of the most important postulations of all time: Which is more iconic: Indiana Jones’s fedora or James Bond’s tuxedo? What sitcom character deserves superpowers? Is Dana Scully the best fictional ginger?  Would Ellen Ripley, Sarah Conner, or Imperator Furiosa make the most practical bodyguard?

Check out The Great Debate video below, where these riveting questions and more are dissected by some of the funniest people at the Con, including Dan Telfer, Dani Fernandez, Travis McElroy, Josh Gondelman, Amber Ruffin, and Adam Savage, then chime in with your own responses in the comment section!