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The Walking Dead and spinoff Fear the Walking Dead aim to restart production this fall

By Jacob Oller

Since the coronavirus delayed The Walking Dead's Season 10 finale back in March (it'll now air on Oct. 4), the AMC flagship series has undergone some adaptive changes. At its recent Comic-Con@Home panel, showrunner and executive producer Angela Kang explained that Season 11 of the zombie show would be delayed ... but Season 10 would be extended by six episodes in its stead. Now there looks to be a timeline for the main series and spin-off Fear the Walking Dead to head back to production.

Deadline reports that Fear aims to shoot in Texas at the end of August while The Walking Dead looks to resume its Georgia production in October. “Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on,” said AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan. “We will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly depending on local circumstances.”

As of July 2, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is requiring masks in counties with 20 or more cases of coronavirus, while local mayors and judges have the ability to impose social distancing rules and/or forbid groups larger than 10. That this isn't mandatory statewide may be why Fear is able to resume. Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp recently renewed COVID-19 safety measures for the state, which bans gatherings of more than 50 people unless there are social distancing at least six feet away. It sounds like production is possible, but any safety regulations taken would be completely internal for the production.

For The Walking Dead, this filming looks to be for those six new episodes of Season 10, which look to air in early 2021. The show's delayed Season 11 could film some still this year, then air later in 2021 — but those S10 episodes are the priority. "The writers' room for Season 11 has been going remotely for the past few months," Kang said during the panel, though she noted they "haven't been able to start production." As for Fear, this would be production for the back half of its sixth season.

The Walking Dead's extended Season 10 will continue in 2021 while the sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead aims for October. More pressingly, The Walking Dead’s “A Certain Doom," World Beyond, and Talking Dead will hit AMC on Oct. 4.