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The Walking Dead trailer teases Season 10 return: ‘The Whisperer war is upon us’

By Benjamin Bullard

If tensions were already simmering through the first half of Season 10 of The Walking Dead, then the show’s return to AMC later this month likely won’t wait long before heating things up to an all-out boil. 

That’s at least the tease from TWD showrunner Angela Kang, who joins with other creatives and cast members in a new trailer that portends plenty of chaos in the concluding batch of S10 episodes. The midseason finale's cliffhanger left Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) inching ever closer to an alliance with the Whisperers, even as Alpha (Samantha Morton) marshaled her horde of Whisperers around the cave-trapped group.

Check out AMC’s early peek at how the action will pick up again below, along with a short teaser trailer that asks, “Who will survive beyond the war with Alpha?”

“The Whisperer war is upon us,” declares Ryan Hurst (Beta) as the first clip ends, all but confirming that the time for preparation is over and the real fight’s about to begin. Kang compares the season’s first half to a cold war, while the second half serves as everything that erupts after the brewing conflict with Alpha's horde reaches its fateful tipping point. 

“Everything is just in question. Borders have been crossed. The ‘truce’ has never been truly a truce — and that’s all gonna come to a head,” Kang explains. “The first half of the season, we really saw a ‘cold war’ approach…and in the second half, that really gets hot.’”

Whatever the fallout, at least we know Season 10 won’t be the end for AMC’s flagship zombie series. Kang revealed last fall that plans for an 11th season are already underway, as The Walking Dead continues to forge ahead on the small screen (and the big!) with new storylines that venture beyond Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel source material, in the wake of the comics’ surprise finale last summer. 

Catch the return of The Walking Dead’s 10th season starting Feb. 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on AMC.