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WandaVision: Scarlet Witch's sitcom reality starts to fray in Modern Family-esque Episode 7 clip

By Josh Weiss
WandaVision Episode 7

Elizabeth Olsen goes full Claire Dunphy in a sneak peek at the forthcoming seventh episode of WandaVision.

Breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to the camera (à la Modern Family), Wanda fully acknowledges that Westview is under her control (which makes for a fairly major reveal as fans try to theorize on exacly what's going on). The only problem is the fake sitcom reality she's created for herself is starting to fray around the edges.

Props and set dressings are now changing by themselves, jumping from era-to-era, and Vision (Paul Bettany) and Pietro (Evan Peters) are nowhere to be seen (at least in this clip) after last week's Halloween fiasco. Wanda says she just wants to enjoy a "quarantine-style staycation," although that's pretty much what she's been doing this whole time. The clip tops off the 21st century influence with a flashback that frames the expansion of the Hex as a funny little accident.

Watch now:

"I'm looking forward to just more wonderful, awesome storytelling," Teyonah Parris ("Monica Rambeau") recently told Collider when asked about what's to come in the final three episodes. "I think the show and the creatives have done such a wonderful job giving us a show that's very grounded and intimate and still has those MCU elements. And I think there's even more of the big MCU-ness to come. And I'm excited for more of that."

As we learned in Episode 6, Monica's DNA was inexorably altered by the Hex, heavily implying that she might be receiving superpowers like she does in the comics. It's also been theorized that her engineering contact is none other than Reed Richards of the future Fantastic Four (though that's admittedly a big swing). While both of these things have yet to be confirmed, the series has proven it's willing to think outside the confines of the established MCU.

This is the dawning of a new age in comic book storytelling in Hollywood, especially now that Disney owns the screen rights to all the Marvel characters (F4, X-Men, Deadpool, etc.) once held by 20th Century Fox.

Episode 7 of WandaVision premieres on Disney+ tomorrow — Friday, Feb. 19.