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WATCH C2E2: Overwatch cast yells 'Go heal yourself!'


Before anything else happened, Overwatch voice actresses Jennifer Hale (Ashe), Lucie Pohl (Mercy) and Carolina Ravassa (Sombra) freaked out at a BOB in the audience. He couldn't have been hard to single out, since BOB looks like a friendly Cyberman if Cyberman had beards, mustaches and cowboy hats.

That should tell you something about how things were going to go down on the Live Stage.

"I think the [Overwatch] community is pretty singular, and the way Blizzard listens to that is pretty special, and [so is] the drive for inclusivity and expansion," Hale told SYFY WIRE's Katie Wilson.

Cosplay isn't just for fans, since Ravassa herself has cosplayed as Sombra and often gone unrecognized. It was mostly just comments like "cool Sombra," as she remembered, but there was one time where a group of teen girls approached her for a photo op and one of them started fangirling hard. The others had no idea what was going on, but she swore to them they had just come face to face with the real Sombra — not real as in a kid thinking a mall Santa is Santa Claus in the flesh, but real as in, you know, real.

Hale thinks she could probably cosplay Ashe out of her own closet. She and Pohl are considering wandering around in costume in the future, though anyone who watches this video will probably remember that next time the two of them are supposed to appear at a con.

From A pagando las luces! to Heroes never die! To BOB! Do somethin'!, the voices of the characters are hugely influenced by the writers and developers. The actors will throw suggestions out there, which will take the shape into what the creators of the game feel they really want and need. The accents obviously stand out as a major element of each character, though some needed several tries.

Pohl cringes remembering her audition for Widowmaker. She needed to work on the intensity of the accent in the beginning and is actually shocked she was even called back. She swears that audition will never, ever materialize on the internet.

To hear that "go heal yourself" and much more, watch on!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.