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Watch Chris Pratt & Charlie Day poke fun at their 'official' Mario and Luigi voices in hilarious clip

The stars of the The Super Mario Bros. Movie seem to be having fun on their press tour.

By Matthew Jackson
The Super Mario Bros Movie Poster UNIVERSAL PRESS

With just weeks to go until the arrival of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the film's stars are setting out on a press tour to promote the animated adaptation of the world's favorite video game franchise. That means we'll get to hear a lot more from the cast, and it also means the comedian-packed lineup of stars is bound to have a little fun along the way. 

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This week, Mario himself, Chris Pratt, and his brother Luigi, Charlie Day, kicked off the fun with a short video posted to Pratt's Instagram account. Surrounded by posters from the movie and clearly having a little fun behind-the-scenes of whatever event they're attending, Pratt and Day decide to goof around with the "official" versions of their character voices from the movie, complete with Mario and Luigi filters across their faces. It's a short, it's goofy, and it's a gag built on months of internet arguments over the film's casting.

Check it out:

As you might have heard, when the cast was announced for The Super Mario Bros., fans had plenty of opinions on certain key character choices, particularly Pratt as Mario, and corners of the internet wondered if he could actually make a convincing Mario given all the years we've been listening to the character's video game voice. Since then, we've gotten a small taste of Pratt's chosen Mario voice in teasers and trailers, but we haven't yet heard him fully deploy it over the course of whole scenes of the film.

Amidst all that, it's nice to see Pratt is able to have some some fun with the mini-controversy while he can. Then there's Day, who just wanted to clown on the idea that people might actually be concerned about his Luigi voice in the first place, it seems.

With a supporting cast that includes Jack Black as Bowser, Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach, Keegan-Michael Key as Toad, and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, The Super Mario Bros. movie hits theaters Apr. 5. Pick up tickets for the film right now from Fandango.