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SYFY WIRE Adam Driver

Watch Every Adam Driver Sketch From This Week's SNL, Even the Ones That Didn't Make the Cut

The Star Wars alum hosted SNL for his fourth time and left it all out on the stage.


Former Star Wars star Adam Driver hosted the penultimate Saturday Night Live episode of 2023 on December 9, with musical guest Olivia Rodrigo. It was Driver's fourth time hosting the show. Like December 2 host Emma Stone, who has hosted five times, Driver is an SNL favorite because he brings the same enthusiasm to live comedy sketches that he does to his Academy Award-nominated dramatic work.

When playing a mustached holiday potluck host fighting his neighbor for table space, the genuine streak of menace that Driver played added a whole new dimension to his increasingly aggressive "beep beep"s; when playing a baby with an adult's voice and face, his commitment to capturing an infant's frustration made his performance hilariously unsettling. 

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Watch all of Adam Driver's SNL sketches—including two that were cut for time—below. And before you ask, no, Matt from Starkiller Base sadly doesn't make a return this time around. Guess we'll have to wait until next time for more Undercover Boss action. But do keep an eye out on his opening monologue for an answer to a long-argued Star Wars debate.

Bowen Yang and Adam Driver during a sketch on saturday night live episode 1851

College Presidents Cold Open

Watch above.

Adam Driver's monologue

Driver casually revealed a dazzling talent for playing the piano during this December 9 monologue, in which he delivered a message to Santa and a string of offbeat jokes.

"What I want for Christmas is a gingerbread house," Driver deadpanned. "Do you think a gingerbread man gets scared when he realizes the house is made of his own skin?"

We're Trying

A gay male couple (Bowen Yang and Driver) announce that they’re “trying” for a baby the old fashioned way, to the bewilderment of their friends.

Old Friends

In this pretaped holiday sketch that winds up being the darkest Facebook commercial ever, a man (Mikey Day) reaches out to his childhood friend (Adam Driver) only to find out he’s really, really changed.

Beep Beep

Driver leveraged his dramatic acting skills in this sketch about a holiday dinner potluck where mustached guys with hot dishes (Andrew Dismukes, Kenan Thompson) engage in a "beep beep"-off at the dinner table. 

ShopTV Christmas

Two home shopping hosts (Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner) welcome an earnest chocolatier (Driver) whose chocolate Santa looks like something else entirely with the foil off—especially when paired with two round "Krispy Clusters." Driver looked like he had a lot of fun in this "Schweddy Balls"-esque sketch. 

Airplane Baby

With a tiny baby body, Adam Driver is an overdeveloped infant—or as Chloe Troast's flight attendant calls him, a "baby monster!"—who's grousing his way through a trip with his mom. 

Tiny Ass Bag

Musical guest Olivia Rodrigo joined Driver, Ego Nwodim, and Marcello Hernandez in this faux ad for pocketbooks that can fit one thing "and that's IT."

Elder PSA

In the latest extremely-online SNL sketch inspired by TikTok (such as Jason Momoa's Roman empire  sketch), Driver and SNL cast play the innocent elders who involuntarily become the butt of TikTok pranks.

Cut for Time: Actor's Journey

Cut for Time: Court Case