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Watch Netflix go behind the scenes of the training, wire work and giggling (?!) of Cobra Kai's stunts

It takes a whole lot of hard work to make all that karate look good.

By Trent Moore
Cobra Kai Season 4 YT

Karate has never been cooler, and Netflix has dropped a new featurette from the fourth season of Cobra Kai taking us inside all those epic fights and stunts we’re still geeking out over from the new episodes.

The streamer has debuted a lengthy new behind-the-scenes clip showing off how they made some of the biggest fights and stunts in the new season, including some of the wire work featured in all those big fight scenes at the All Valley Karate Tournament. We get some insight into all the key matches, as well as some of the training scenes — which of course includes some of Johnny’s infamous Eagle Fang training stunts. Who knew jumping off a roof and over some dirty mattresses was what it took to make a karate champ?

“A lot of nice bruises here on the forearms and some pulled muscles here and there,” William Zabka says in the featurette. "We’re putting personality into the fighting, putting emotions into the fighting, and that makes it more authentic … These young people made an art out of their own martial arts. It’s their own expression just like it was for us when we did Karate Kid.”

Along with Zabka, fellow co-stars Ralph Macchio, Xolo Maridueña, Tanner Buchanan, Jacob Bertrand, and Peyton List chime in to talk about how the new season came together. More than anything, it's incredibly wild to see all those on-screen combatants yucking it up between scenes. Nice to know the animosity doesn't carry over after the cameras stop rolling.

Check out the video below:

The latest season of Cobra Kai continues to shift the shaky alliances and foundations in the Valley, with Daniel and Johnny teaming up their respective dojos to take on a resurgent Cobra Kai dojo now under the leadership of Kreese and former Karate Kid III baddie Terry Silver. There’s no doubt the new season ups the ante, from storytelling, to world-building, to (yeah) the fights that keep all that karate action going.

So who has the best moves? The stars have differing opinions on which of them might win a real-life karate tournament, but it’s clear they’ve all come a long way from the novice fighters we met in the first season. Thankfully that journey will continue, as a fifth season of the series has already been filmed (and we have plenty of questions about what it'll look like) — though there’s no word yet on when it might debut on Netflix.

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