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SNL Turns "Pilates" Into a Horror Movie Trailer That's Better Than Most Actual Horror Movies

Kristen Wiig portrays a bonechilling(ly popular) Pilates instructor, while Kaia Gerber plays herself in the fake horror movie trailer from April 6.


Anyone who's tried a pilates class—particularly the type involving pulley-rigged contraptions—knows the exercises are tough enough to send you screaming from the room. Actually, scratch that: Even if you're doing the muscle-quivering workout regularly, your feelings about the challenge can be...complicated. You're entering a world of pain, even if all the stretching and breathing is good for you and you can't deny those results.

We have no idea whether Kristen Wiig is a Pilates enthusiast in real life, but she played an *extremely* convincing instructor in Saturday Night Live's "Pilates" sketch during her April 6 episode. Granted, Wiig's bone-chilling portrayal was only slightly scarier than some real life Pilates instructors who inspire a cult-like following. The sketch also featured an appearance from actress and model Kaia Gerber as herself, showing that table who's boss. 

Chloe Fineman during a sketch on snl episode 1860

SNL's Pilates horror movie trailer stars Kristen Wiig and Kaia Gerber

"Meredith, I don't think we should be doing this," a woman (Chloe Fineman) says to her friend (Molly Kearney). Convincing each other to give it a try, they venture into a purple-lit tomb.

"What is this place? Why is it so dark?" they wonder. "And what are those...machines?"

That's when Wiig's instructor whips around to chirp, "Hey mamas! Is this your first class?" (Between Wiig's characters Gail and Aunt Linda plus her Instructor ensemble, it was a huge episode for Kristen Wiig in pink outfits).

"PILATES: From the creator of Saw X and the marketing director for Alo comes a chilling new look at Girl Horror," a chilling voiceover narrates. 

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"It's so hard, but it's boring," a stricken woman (Sarah Sherman) tells a friend, as the action cuts to Wiig's instructor issuing impossible-sounding strap placement instructions. 

"The machine is called a 'Reformer,'" Sherman's character continues (yes, it's actually called that). "Looks like it's designed for torture, but somehow also, sex."

In the Pilates chamber of horrors, seconds turn into hours, and women pull their legs up to their shoulders Exorcist-style. 

"Usually there are eight gorgeous women, one gay man not wearing underwear, and sometimes Kaia Gerber."

Kaia Gerber during a sketch on snl episode 1860

But the spookiest thing about Pilates — both the horror movie and the class — is how it gets in your head / all your major muscle groups. 

"And just when you think you could never be one of them..." the voice-over continues, as Fineman's character discovers her friend Meredith is now a devotee with perfectly blown-out hair. 

Meanwhile, a woman (Punkie Johnson) who scoffs at the one pound weights they'll be using learns a deadly lesson. 

"Aw, I hate when people die," Wiig's instructor coos. Watch SNL's "Pilates" horror movie sketch above.