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WATCH: Stranger Things Season 1 Rap Up


Thanks to Stranger Things Season 3, the summer of 1985 will be here, like, next week. So you might have some catching up to do. Or maybe you already binge-watched the first two seasons but got your mind erased. Either way, Bierut Films is back with a mind-bending wrap-up rap for those of us who don’t have the time to catch up on all of Season 1's darkness, D&D, and Demogorgons.

Before anyone in Hawkins, Indiana, knew there was an Upside Down to their right-side-up, Will Byers disappeared. That explains the animated googly eyes on his mom, Joyce (really). Animated googly eyes are a great way to emphasize that someone is going out of their mind, right? Anyway, even if you’ve been into the show since it emerged on Netflix in 2016, you might have forgotten where Eleven first showed up. She wasn’t stealing Eggos from the supermarket … yet.

There was also a time before Steve used Farrah Fawcett Spray, and his hair, while still bigger than average, wasn’t quite so big. It was the ‘80s, after all.

By the way, for anyone who’s confused at the whole #justiceforBarb thing and thinks it’s a just meme, Barb is as real as any retro TV character with huge glasses can get. Until something gets her. Too bad Barb’s disappearance doesn’t make nearly as much of an impact as Will’s. Maybe her mom wasn’t creative enough to string up an alphabet made out of Christmas lights as a mode of communication with the other realm. That was literally lit.

Even stranger things lurk in Stranger Things Season 1, so watch the rest of the video if you don’t have time to relive the whole first season using a sensory deprivation tank, or if you just like a good wrap-up rap!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.