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HBO reveals premiere date for Westworld Season 3

By Benjamin Bullard
Aaron Paul in Westworld on HBO

Our return to Delos Incorporated’s mad, bad world is just around the corner. HBO surprised Westworld fans Sunday with a cryptic, meta-reference-filled trailer to share the long-awaited premiere date for the show’s highly-evolved third season. 

Incorporating recent tumultuous real-world events including the Hong Kong protests and the House impeachment of President Donald Trump, the clip invites tons of speculation — which fans will have exactly two months to unwrap before the first episode arrives on March 15.

The new clip follow’s HBO’s pattern of mysterious meta-teases for Season 3 of Westworld, in the wake of a heady trailer last November that posed as an advertisement for Incite Inc., a new company that until now hasn’t been a part of the series’ lore. That clip featured Jefferson Mays as company CEO Liam Dempsey, Sr., and served up a dystopian-sounding assurance that “The future is powered by you — and we know you.”

That kind of ominous tone sounds par for the course for a show about androids who awaken to the understanding of who they are and where they came from, and, taken with the new clip and its references to real events, sets the stage for some intriguing possibilities as the expanded Westworld cast gets set to show us where the future’s headed.

From the mind of co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and featuring the big casting addition of Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Westworld Season 3 arrives at HBO on March 15.