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SYFY WIRE Wellington Paranormal

What We Do in the Shadows spinoff 'Wellington Paranormal' gets U.S. premiere date and new trailer

By Matthew Jackson
Wellington Paranormal

Before What We Do in the Shadows became a hit TV series on FX, the first spinoff from the iconic 2014 mockumentary arrived on TV in its homeland of New Zealand. First announced in 2017Wellington Paranormal began broadcasting into Kiwi homes in 2018, and has since produced three successful seasons and a holiday special, all without being widely available to U.S. viewers who've been enjoying a spinoff of their own. Next month, that holdout finally ends. 

Back in the spring, The CW announced that it would begin airing Wellington Paranormal for American audiences this year, with episodes made available to stream the next day on HBO Max. Now, a new trailer's here to get us all excited about finally seeing this show in all its clumsy paranormal cop glory. Check it out:

Wellington Paranormal | Extended Season Trailer | The CW

Created by What We Do in the Shadows original filmmakers and stars Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, Wellington Paranormal follows two characters from the original movie, Officers Minogue (Mike Minogue) and O'Leary (Karen O'Leary) as they go about their days working as Wellington police officers specializing in unusual cases. In the trailer above, you can see what happens as they contend with everything from UFOs to demonic possession to werewolves who don't know they're werewolves, all in the same deadpan style that they brought to the film years ago. 

Wellington Paranormal begins its run on The CW July 11, with episodes available to stream the next day. Just a couple of months later, on September 2, What We Do in the Shadows will return for its third season on FX.