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When Did The Fast & Furious Movies Go Totally Crazy? Twitter Has Some Ideas

Let's take a look back at the moments when the action franchise seemed to completely detach from reality.

By Matthew Jackson
Fast X Trailer

A new Fast & Furious movie is out, which means it's time to see what kind of crazy stunts the franchise has cooked up this time around, as Dominic Toretto and his crew head out for another epic battle in which their only salvation might just be their prowess behind the wheel of a car. We've come to expect the biggest stunts and visual effects imaginable from these films, but it wasn't always that way.

The franchise started as a sort of heightened reality street racing drama, but they definitely weren't parachuting cars out of planes back in the day. 

So, where did that all change? Is it possible to pinpoint the exact moment the franchise went from reasonably grounded to completely disregarding the laws of gravity entirely? Maybe not, but Twitter's definitely going to try. 

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This all started (this time, anyway, because someone's always talking about these movies somewhere) over the weekend, when performer, content creator, and comedian Kevin Fredericks, aka Kevonstage, asked a simple question from his Twitter handle:

Now, right away, whether you're on Twitter or not, you're probably formulating your own answer to this question. In a franchise that's wall-to-wall car stunts, what's the one where things completely let go and the series took on a new form? For a lot of fans, Fast Five is the turning point, and so some users responded with the famous safe heist that forms the climax of that film. For others, things don't get truly crazy until Fast & Furious 6, when Dom and Letty collide midair over water and seemingly defy the laws of motion to both land safely. For still others, it's not off the charts until Furious 7, when the team is parachuting cars out of a plane. You could even hold off all the way to F9, when cars are swinging from cables off the edge of cliffs. 

But of course, as at least one person pointed out, these guys were jumping sports cars onto yachts as early as 2 Fast 2 Furious, so maybe things were never really attached to reality in the first place? Maybe we really have just been watching one long, gasoline-powered dream for the last two decades. What do you think?

Fast X is out now. Get tickets here.