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SYFY WIRE Lost in Space

Will Robinson sends his last transmission in ominous trailer for final season of Netflix's 'Lost in Space'

By Trent Moore
Lost in Space Season 3

Netflix’s ambitious sci-fi reboot of Lost in Space is coming to an end later this year, and we finally have a look at the final mission that will bookend the journey. At least judging by the trailer, things are… not going well. At least not for Will Robinson. There looks to be danger, and lots of it.

The series has followed the saga of the Robinson family and a wider group of explorers as they’ve been, well, lost across the universe. They’ve run into aliens, found friends, and gotten lost some more along the way. But with the adventure finally winding down, Netflix has plenty left to wrap up in this final batch of eight episodes.

Netflix teases the third and final season picks up with the Robinson family after a year of being trapped on a mysterious planet, as they lead a group of Colonists on a dangerous evacuation. In a shake-up from past seasons, this final arc promises to keep the kids and adults on opposite tracks for much of the story, with the kids saving the day as heroes themselves, and their parents fighting their way back to reunite with them.

Check out the trailer below:

With a show that stars a young cast, time waits for no one, and it’s clear all of the young Robinson children aren’t so young anymore. No one has grown up more than Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) himself, who takes center stage in the trailer — and seemingly in the narrative itself this year. Will and his relationship with the robot has always played a pivotal role in this story, and it seems he’s finally taking full control of his destiny for this last adventure that will determine if anyone actually can make it home.

We’re also curious just how (ahem) final that final transmission might turn out to be.

Throughout its two-season run, Lost in Space has managed to thread the needle of being a big, high-scale sci-fi show that still managed to tell stories that fit and appeal across generations. It's the story of a family, and it only makes sense that's reflected in the take. If they can land the ship (sorry) with Season 3, the full streaming run could make for an excellent beginning-to-end sci-fi saga.

Lost in Space Season 3 drops on Netflix this December.