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WIRE Buzz: Ghostbusters 2020 wraps; The Batman gets composer; Robotech lands licensing deal

By James Comtois

First up in this edition of SYFY’s WIRE Buzz, they came, they saw, they kicked production’s a$$! Filming on Ghostbusters 2020 has wrapped, per director Jason Reitman’s Instagram account.  

“Wrapped!” Reitman wrote below a photo of his father Ivan Reitman (director of the original Ghostbusters, stars Finn Wolfhard, Logan Kim, Carrie Coon, McKenna Grace, and Reitman himself. “68 days and still smiling. #GB20.”


Serving as a sequel to the first two movies where the OG busters pass the proverbial proton packs on to a new generation, Reitman’s new Ghostbusters movie will also feature Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett, as well as original Ghostbusters Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson. (Bill Murray is reportedly appearing, though that’s not yet been confirmed.) 

Ghostbusters 2020 (official title still TBD) busts its way into theaters on July 10, 2020.


Michael Giacchino - Getty Images

Next, hot off the heels of landing its Riddler, The Batman has landed its composer. A tweet from Empire Magazine scribe Chris Hewitt reveals that composer Michael Giacchino agreed to provide the score for director Matt Reeve’s film about the Caped Crusader. 

“Having a great time at Settling The Score,” Hewitt wrote on the social media site. “Great music, David Arnold and Michael Giacchino doing frequent cosplay, very funny cameos from Boris Johnson and Donald Trump (all is not what it seems), and Matt Reeves showed up to ask Giacchino to score The Batman. (He agreed. Phew!)”


The Hollywood Reporter linked to a video where Reeves gets down on one knee to mock propose to Giacchino on the stage for the Settling The Score event in London, and the composer accepting. 

Reeves and Giacchino go way back, having worked together on 2008’s Cloverfield, 2010’s Let Me In, 2014’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes.  

Giacchino has also composed the scores for Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), The Incredibles (2004) and The Incredibles 2 (2018). He will also be composing the score for Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Batman makes its way into theatres June 25, 2021.

And finally, Kew Media Distribution has licensed Robotech: The Series and its sequel films Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and Robotech 2: The Sentinels to Sony Pictures Television’s Funimation subsidiary. This agreement gives Funimation all global rights (excluding Japan) to the anime series, including video-on-demand, home entertainment and merchandising. 

“Funimation is the ‘go-to’ destination for sub and dub and we are very pleased to have licensed Robotech to this global anime powerhouse where it will join the very best series in the genre,” said Jonathan Ford, EVP Sales of Kew Media Distribution, in a statement. 

In Robotech: The Series, the human race is under attack by a fleet of alien warships capable of destroying an entire planet in a split second. The only hope for survival lies with the secrets of Robotech, an advanced alien technology that has given humans access to robotic systems and interstellar spacecraft.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles film sequel picks up the story years later with characters voiced by Mark Hamill and Chase Masterson. In the sequel, Robotech 2: The Sentinels, the citizens of Earth and the planet Optera, come together to determine their worlds’ fate. 

Meanwhile, the Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Pictures Group is currently developing a live-action Robotech feature film.