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SYFY WIRE Guy Pearce

WIRE Buzz: Guy Pearce going to Zone 414; Marvel debuts Black Widow comic; more

By Josh Grossberg
Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce has a thing for machines. After playing an industrialist who created the robot David in Alien: Covenant, the thesp is now signing on to star in Andrew Baird's sci-fi flick Zone 414, which, you guessed it, also involves androids.

According to Deadline, Pearce will take on the role of detective David Carmichael, who's hired by an obsessive tycoon to track down his rebellious daughter who's gone AWOL in a futuristic colony of humanoid robots.

As he delves into the mystery of her whereabouts, Carmichael joins forces with a self-aware A.I. played by Italian model Matilda Lutz and together they uncover a crime that could ultimately rewrite the origins of Zone 414 and the "City of Robots."

Pearce is no stranger to noir and sci-fi, having previously headlined Christopher Nolan's 2000 classic, Memento, as well as 2002's The Time Machine and 2012's Prometheus.  And he just recently enlisted in the exorcist-themed horror flick The Seventh Day. Other notable credits include Iron Man 3 and the dystopian thriller The Rover.

Black Widow #1

Black Widow is getting a new leash on life.

After seemingly getting snuffed in 2017's Secret Empire storyline before her brief resurrection in 2018's Tales of Suspense, Marvel Entertainment is hatching a new ongoing comic book series set to debut in April.

The launch of the eponymous Black Widow strip is timely as it's scheduled a month before the superhero's eagerly awaited solo MCU outing starring Scarlett Johansson hits the big screen.

Per the publisher, which released a teaser trailer titled Black Widow #1, the new comic is being written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Elena Casagrande and finds Natasha Romanoff, aka everyone's favorite red-headed superspy, staring down an alliance of adversaries out to destroy her.

"What I can say is that while a couple of them are the villains you might expect in a Black Widow story, there are some curve balls in there too. I can also tease that the villains have a very unique approach to trying to take Nat out," Thompson told IGN.

The new open-ended title follows two other revivals, both five-part miniseries that came out last year – Black Widow and Web of Black Widow the latter of which detailed her first year on the job.

"Natasha's fought so many different villains over the years but she’s never had that one definitive villain in her life, but now we're bringing her past back to haunt her, so to speak, with the Red Guardian," Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski says in the teaser. "What Kelly Thompson is doing, pulling together all these amazing elements of Black Widow’s past to bring her in the future, makes it a must-read comic of 2020.”

We can't wait.

Per Deadline, Disney Channel has ordered up a pilot for Ultra Violet & Blue Demon, a superhero coming-of-age action comedy starring and executive produced by real-life Mexican luchador and professional wrestler Blue Demon Jr.

The female-centric storyline follows 13-year-old Violet who discovers a magical mask belonging to her uncle, the famed luchador Blue Demon Jr. When Violet realizes the mask has chosen her to follow in her uncle's footsteps, she secretly embarks on her own superhero career while juggling the ups and downs of life as a teenager.

Blue Demon Jr. IMDB

Pokémon Detective Pikachu scribes Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit are on board to write and executive produce the pilot, which is contingent on finding a young actor to fill the part.

Blue Demon Jr. is a Mexican luchador and pro grappler who's the adopted son of the legendary original Blue Demon, who passed away in 2000. As is tradition in the luchador world, the wrestlers keep their real identities a secret.