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WIRE Buzz: Jonah Hill passes on The Batman; Jessica Henwick joins Matrix 4

By Brian Silliman
Jonah Hill Maniac

We still don't know what role Jonah Hill was up for in The Batman, and now we may never know. We're speaking in the past tense, because Hill has moved on from the project after talks broke down.

Variety reports that Hill was offered a role in Matt Reeves' new take on the Dark Knight, which was presumed to be a villain. Both the Riddler and the Penguin had been rumored, but instead Hill will now play the unfortunate role of "nobody in the film."

According to Variety, it is unclear why the talks broke down, but "insiders" told them that when the news of Hill's possible involvement broke it was early on in the negotiations and that the deal was far from finished. It would seem that Robert Pattinson's Batman has gained a Catwoman (in the form of the recently cast Zoe Kravitz) but has lost either a Penguin, a Riddler, a Calendar Man, or whoever else fit in Hill's wheelhouse.

Preproduction on the film is set to begin early this summer, and the film is looking to hit theaters June 25, 2021, but at the moment Reeves and company are riddling themselves about who can pick up the trick umbrellas from Hill. 

While some casting has fallen apart today, not all hope is lost. The Matrix 4 continues to bolster its ranks, with a Star Wars and Iron Fist veteran now joining the new film. 

Deadline reports that Jessica Henwick has now plugged into Lana Wachowski's new dive into the Matrix mythos, joining the previously announced Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Neil Patrick Harris, and possibly Jada Pinkett Smith reprising her role as Niobe. 

Jessica Henwick

There is no word on who Henwick will play, but she is a natural fit for this universe. She's appeared in both Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Game of Thrones, and she also showed some serious martial arts chops as Colleen Wing on Iron Fist. She is set to appear next in Godzilla vs. Kong, as well as Underwater with Kristen Stewart.

Who will be the next actor named to plug into this new film? We have no idea, but they seem to be making interesting additions every day.