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WIRE Buzz: James Gunn poses with The Suicide Squad; environmental horror novel optioned; more

By James Comtois
James Gunn

Shortly after announcing the cast for The Suicide Squad (it’s not being called Suicide Squad 2 and is apparently neither a sequel nor a reboot), director James Gunn posed with (part of) said cast.

“Hanging out with part of #TheSuicideSquad team this weekend,” Gunn wrote next to the picture he posted on his Instagram page. “What a great group of people!”

Seen in the picture along with Gunn are Flula Borg, Daniela Melchior, David Dastmalchian, Jennifer Holland, Nathan Fillion, Sean Gunn, and Mayling Ng. But no sign of Tommy Wiseau, oddly enough.

What’s that? You didn’t hear? Oh, yeah, the actor/auteur recently suggested via social media that he had been cast in every role, replacing the cast lineup with his name over and over again, asking, “Wiseau serious?” (Remember, the actor/auteur had once campaigned to play The Joker.)

Well, Gunn responded, saying on Twitter: “I didn’t know I signed on for a Klumps sort of deal.” 

Bit of free advice from your friends over at SYFY WIRE, sir: Always read the fine print when signing those movie contracts. 

The Suicide Squad hits theaters Aug. 6, 2021.

Village Roadshow Pictures has optioned the environmental horror novel Dust, Deadline has reported. Dan Berk and Robert Olsen will adapt Charles Pellegrino’s 1998 novel for the screen. 

Dust tells the story of paleobiologist Richard Sinclair learning that a series of random episodes are symptoms of a chain reaction caused by the world’s insects dying off. So Sinclair and a group of scientists try to save the world before it’s too late. So, in no way topical or too-close-to-home. [insert horrific shudder here]

(Via Deadline)

And finally, we've got some great news for those who couldn't get enough of John Mulaney's performance of Spider-Ham in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Marvel has released a hilarious short starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. 

In "Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham," directed by Miguel Jiron and produced by David Schulenburg, it’s just another normal day for Peter Porker, fighting bad guys and loving hot dogs as the Spectacular Spider-Ham, until a mysterious portal starts messing with the very fabric of his cartoon reality.

Check it out the delightful Bugs Bunny-esque short below: 

In the immortal words of another famous animated pig, "That's all, folks!"