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WIRE Buzz: Laurence Fishburne investigates history; Alamo subscription service; more

By Josh Weiss
Laurence Fishburne

After helping destroy the Matrix, Laurence Fishburne will investigate some of history's biggest mysteries in a new nonfiction series for the History Channel, the network announced today.

Literally titled History’s Greatest Mysteries, the program "will investigate a wide range of historically compelling topics and the mysteries surrounding each, including the Titanic, D.B. Cooper, Roswell, John Wilkes Booth, and more," reads the official press release.

Utilizing never-before-seen documents, personal diaries, and DNA evidence, Fishburne (serving as host/narrator) will help shine a light on the conspiracy theories surrounding aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, Sir Ernest Shackleton's missing ship, and more.

For instance, Episode 6 will feature interviews with the grandchildren of Major Jesse Marcel (below), the first person to investigate the "UFO" wreckage in Roswell in 1947.

History's Greatest Mysteries

"I am excited to partner with the team at History again,” Fishburne said in a statement. “The details behind these epic historical events continue to be universally debated to this day and History’s Greatest Mysteries will provide new clarity to these larger-than-life mysteries.”

“Our audience has an interest in the full story behind iconic historical moments,” added Eli Lehrer, executive vice president and general manager for History. “This new banner will change the way we look at history as we know it, while sparking new, compelling conversations.”

The series is slated to hit the airwaves this summer.

With MoviePass now dead for good, theater chains are looking to fill the void with their own in-house subscription services. The latest is Alamo Drafthouse, which unveiled its own monthly service called "Season Pass" today. Ranging from $14.99 to $29.99 a month, the service allows for one regularly priced ticket per day and reservations up to seven days in advance.

“This is a huge win for movie lovers,” said Tim League, Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO. “The entire reason we opened the Alamo in the first place was to share the movies we love with as many people as possible, and Season Pass is the perfect means for folks to explore more and more films.”

Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass

“Season Pass is built right into Alamo Drafthouse’s mobile apps, and we spent a lot of time making sure it’s fast, convenient and easy to use,” added Michael Trafton, Alamo Drafthouse’s chief technology officer.

Season Pass is available at all of the franchise's 41 locations around the country. While certain regions require you to put your name on a waiting list for membership, immediate sign-up and use are now active for New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, Kansas City, Yonkers, Springfield, and New Braunfels.

3D, 70mm, Dolby Atmos, and The Big Show screenings also fall under Season Pass, albeit with a $1.99 surcharge. For more info on the subscription, click here.

Shout! Studios has scooped up sci-fi thriller Proximity from writer/director Eric Demeusy, reports Deadline. Demeusy is a VFX veteran of genre projects like Stranger Things and Tron: Legacy.

The film stars Ryan Masson (Good Girls) as Isaac, a NASA employee who gets abducted by aliens. Upon his return to Earth, Isaac fails to get anyone to believe his story. Frustrated, he sets off to find some kind of concrete proof that E.T.s really do exist.

Highdee Kuan (You), Shaw Jones (Blue, Diwa), Christian Prentice (Mank), and Don Scribner (The Guide) co-star in the movie.

Proximity poster

“With Proximity, Eric Demeusy has made an impressive transition to directing, complementing his award-winning VFX talent with broadly appealing storytelling,” Shout!’s VP Acquisitions Jordan Fields said in a statement to Deadline. “The subject of extraterrestrial life will fascinate us forever, so we’re confident Proximity will thrill and delight a hungry audience.”

Proximity is expected to "roll out in 10 of the top 20 markets as part of a day-and-date release sometime this year. The deal includes theatrical, video-on-demand, digital, broadcast and home entertainment rights in the U.S. and Canada."