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SYFY WIRE Midsommar

WIRE Buzz: Midsommar gets an extended cut; Mr. Robot gets a preview; Cats get moves

By Brian Silliman

In case your day needs a healthy dose of fear, we have some news items that are bound to bring some added weirdness to your lives. The already horrifying Midsommar is going to receive an extended release, and we also have a final season preview for the always mind-bending Mr. Robot. Oh, and we have some behind-the-scenes footage from the live-action adaptation of Cats.

If none of these things scare you, then it's likely that nothing will. 

The Playlist reports that Midsommar, the horror hit of the summer, will be shown as a part of this year's Scary Movies festival at Lincoln Center. Though many will have probably seen Ari Aster's follow-up to Hereditary by the time Scary Movies XII rolls around, there's an added enticement to go back for another round— it will be the world premiere of the film's "extended version." 

According to the report, Aster is "hard at work adding about 30 minutes of new footage to his already-long recent horror film." The new version is expected to top off at three hours, and will debut on August 17 at Lincoln Center. The event (running from August 16-21) will open with Villains on the 16th, a dark thriller from Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. It stars Maika Monroe and...Bill Skarsgård, so, yeah. It will likely be frightening.

If the prospect of an extended version of Midsommar and another horror jaunt with Bill Skarsgård doesn't make your mind tremble, then perhaps fear will attempt a different avenue from which to attack. The perpetually unsettling Mr. Robot has released a preview for its final season. 

Simply consisting of a shot featuring series star Rami Malek, the first thing we hear is someone asking him, "How many people have you hurt to get what you want?" Take a look at the short preview here

"Was it worth it?" they ask. Malek's Elliot doesn't answer, but the look on his face...good lord. Malek has a gift for making us feel very uncomfortable with just the smallest of facial expressions, and that alone has us frightened of what this show's final season could entail. 

Still not weirded out? May we take you behind the scenes of Cats, the upcoming live-action/motion-captured hybrid movie musical based on the original stage sensation by Andrew Lloyd Webber? We've got a jellicle behind-the-scenes look, but only for jellicle people. 

Though we still don't get a look at the digital cats themselves, we do see quite a bit of the oversized sets that the movie will be using. We also get a look at some feline choreography, some coming from castmember Taylor Swift. Also of note is Dame Judi Dench recounting how she was set to appear in the original production of the stage musical before an injury forced her out of it. She thought she was done with the world of Cats...but here we are, all these years later. 

Take a look behind the scenes here

The film looks like it will be using "digital fur technology" like no movie ever has before. Featuring Swift, Dench, Idris Elba, James Corden, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Hudson and more, Cats will make a jellicle noise this December 20th.