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WIRE Buzz: Star Trek: Discovery S3 could be delayed; Netflix's Korean slate; and more

By Josh Weiss

Star Trek: Discovery is already finished shooting its third season, but with everyone working from home amid the global pandemic, its ultimate premiere on CBS All Access could be delayed. This comes to us via Wilson Cruz, who plays Hugh Culber, medical officer on the show's titular Starship.

Cruz went live on Instagram last week, which prompted a comment from co-star Anthony Rapp, who plays the Discovery's chief engineer, Paul Stamets. Based on the comment, post-production on the series is going at an understandably slower pace since everyone is doing their work remotely.

While Cruz didn't see Rapp's comment during the livestream, he later posted a screenshot of it on Twitter.

We may have to wait awhile for new Star Trek content once Picard drops its Season 1 finale this Thursday.

If you enjoy Kingdom on Netflix, we have some good news for you. The streamer is doubling down on original programming from South Korea, the company announced in a press release. Seven new shows and one original film are scheduled to make their Netflix debut over the next few months.

Rugal (premiering March 28) follows police detective Kang Gi-beom, who witnesses the murder of his wife at the hands of terrorist group ARGOS. They also slash Kang's eyes and leave him suspecting of the homicide. Gi-beom gets his shot at revenge when an experimental eye transplant transforms him into a living weapon.

Rugal Netflix

Time to Hunt (premiering April 10) takes place in a dystopian city where Jun-seok, now fresh out of prison, finds himself chased by a mysterious man.

The King: Eternal Monarch (premiering sometime in April) is about the relationships between people from parallel universes. "King Lee Gon seeks to seal the gateway between dimensions, while Jung Tae-eul, a police inspector, simply wants to protect other’s lives and their loves," reads the description.

The School Nurse Files (premiere date TBD) centers on "a newly appointed high school nurse who discovers secrets and mysteries with her supernatural abilities of chasing ghosts."

Time to Hunt Netflix

Sweet Home (premiere TBD) follows reclusive high school student Hyun-soo, who discovers that the residents of his new apartment complex are besieged by monsters.

Hi Bye, Mama! is about Cha Yu-ri, a woman living as a ghost for five years. She performs a reincarnation "project" and returns to the world of the living, only to learn that her husband has moved on.

Then you've got Kingdom Season 2, whose trailer you can watch here.

And finally, we have My Holo Love, which tells the story of Holo, "a state-of-the-art holographic AI, seen through special glasses, who is the perfect companion - intelligent, kind, and fully customizable."

My Holo Love Netflix

“From K-pop and K-food, to K-zombie and K-content, we’ve seen how much people in different parts of the world love Korean cultures and stories. So we’re excited to announce these new best in class Korean stories for our members,” Minyoung Kim, vice president of Korean content at Netflix, said in a statement. “It’s amazing to see how these Korea films and TV resonate with audiences around the world - from Korea to South East Asia and the Americas. By making it easy for people to watch films and shows from other countries, we can help them build empathy and develop a shared understanding of the world."

To make this period of self-isolation and quarantine a little easier for families with children, Amazon has made its kids' programming free to watch without a Prime subscription, Variety reports

Over 40 shows, including Amazon original content, are available to watch right here.


Just Add MagicPete the CatIf You Give a Mouse a Cookie, ArthurDaniel Tiger’s NeighborhoodOdd SquadWild Kratts, Costume Quest, The Dangerous Book for Boys, and Lost in Oz are among the titles now free to stream.

Nickelodeon is undertaking a similar initiative with its #KidsTogether campaign.